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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what useful things can i do to make the most use of my time?

here’s a list of things i CAN’T do:

– draw, sing, exercise
– watch movies/youtube
– play video games or anything that requires a lot of keyboards/mouse clicking
– chew gums or hard food

please help and thank you.

Answer by meenakshi
there are so many ‘categories’ you could choose from, depending on your personal preferences, resources, aptitude, etc.

— arts — coloring, painting, sculpting
— crafts — pottery, needle-based [kintting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, amigurumi, stuffed toy-making, ..],
papier mache, papercrafting [includes origami, paper-modeling, scrapbooking, greeting card, etc]
— performing arts — dancing, instrument-playing, dramatics, pantomime, puppeteering, ….
— brain games — puzzles, crosswords,
— literary — reading, composing poetry, writing, learning a new language, …
— arcade games, snow-bowling, pool, darts, …
— others — gardening, kite-flying, flower arrangements, ikebana, decorating, …
— recycling crafts — www.hgtv.com —-Go to the Trash To Treasure section. You will have to type it in the search box.

— volunteering – community & social work, …
— decorate & organize your home, room, files, …
— tuitions, baby-sitting, …
— learn magic tricks, card tricks, jugglings, ..
— learn tarot-card reading, palmistry, psychic readings, horoscope predictions, etc.

You could search for a totally new hobby or interest: www.about.com/hobbies/

hope these help
all the very best & have fun 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who is going to die on Degrassi the boiling point?

On the Shark in the water video, Clare is a fortune teller and she lays day 2 cars. 1 says The Lovers and the other says Death. So if u know, who is going to die? Is it eli? it cant be eli! I LOOOVVVVVV him! haha

Answer by Katie
no it wont be eli.
some say its going to K.C.
but they death card was about elis ex girlfriend that got hit by a car.
but most think its the least important characters. like lea and others. but none are certain. so we just have to watch and see.

Answer by lastsalifetime I’M BACK!
I just figured out something! She pulled the tarot cards. The 2 lovers and the death card right? I just saw a preview. She and Eli have a project where they play Romeo and Juliet. They practice the “death scene”. Major foreshadowing!

Answer by Jade
I think it’s going to be Adam:(
Since he and Fitz have been fighting and Fitz keeps telling him, “Your dead”
I know it won’t be Eli b/c he’s gonna be in the rest of the boiling point episodes.
I hope it’s K.C.

Answer by limegreengirl
no will die is old girl friend is dead

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : the replacements 1980’s deceased band member who was he?

In 2008 the drummer of the Replacements died. if you watch the videos(on youtube):
aching to be
Merry go round
he’s a kid with curly dark hair.
then if you watch the Alex Chilton video( on daily motions):
he the kid who sits alone and then you can see him again standing alone when the song gets to
(hanging around the house micky mouse and tarot cards, falling to sleep with a pop rock video on)
is this the guy that died? could someone tell me who he is?

Answer by static
Steve Foley

Answer by DeathCube K
Is it really easier to ask questions like these than just google The replacements?

Answer by vtd288
Bob Stinson , the original guitarist for The Replacements, died of a drug overdose in 1995. As far as I know, the original drummer, Chris Mars, is still alive. Steve Foley, who replaced Chris Mars in 1990, died in 2008 from an accidental overdose of prescription medication. Foley does not appear in the “Alex Chilton” video. the guy in the video is Chris Mars.

Answer by V_J
the guy that you’re referring to is Chris Mars and as far as i know he’s not dead. i should hope not. he’s that close to my heart and he’s my BABY(dream fully).

the drummer that died in 2008 was Steve Foley. now whether Steve started out or ended off with the Replacements is unclear, i don’t know all of the history of the Replacements.
Chris is sweet and he is beautiful inside and outside. in most of the videos he is mild and gentle mannered.
if you view the Alex Chilton video at the beginning you will see my Baby’s (Chris) lil mouth/ lips and he sticks out his lil tongue……..So sweet
if anyone was created most beautifully he’s Chris Mars.

Written by SuperPsychic

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