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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s the best way to get a psychic reading?

I have always really wanted a psychic reading done, ever since I was 6, I know it many all be fake but I’m very open minded. I have seen on the internet you can pay for readings (which I won’t do over the net), you can phone them, text them, email them, see them face to face, I can’t seem to find many in my area, and I hear they can be quite expensive. So what is the best way to pursue this? Any of you psychic?? lol

Answer by HuuPoo
You can actually go to the zoo and get a reading. Just ask one of the zoo keepers. They’ll pull a monkey out of it’s cage,and give it to you. All you have to do is lick the monkeys poop hole till it reveals your future. It may take a while, but that monkey will talk.

Answer by Chℓoε☠
Actually there are some real psychics or intuitive on Yahoo Answers, but you can simply ask or e-mail them. A few or my friends are psychic and so I am, but that depends on what level. My level is never mind because there are many septics on here. Some of the psychics aren’t going to tell you that they’reee psychic because once again there are septics on here. Basically you just have to assume and take a chance. Than you have your religious freaks on here babbling about how evil it is to get a reading done by a psychic. You also have to be careful because some will say that there psychic and they’re really not. So, in my opinion don’t pay for a reading; Unless you really know the person or someone has dealt with them in the past and has had an accurate reading. Like I said, I know a few real psychics, but I’m not giving out personal names due to these people’s confidentially. You can take a chance and add me; Than browse around through my contacts and fans and look at there questions and answers. I’m giving you permission to do that, but no-one else because I’lll simply remove you if I don’t know you. Your gut will tell you whose true and whose not. My gift isn’t all that strong yet, but I’m re-boosting my energies. 🙂 I sometimes have lucid dreams, I can see things from the future; Through the help of Aiden my spirit guide, and I’m communicating with my dead twin flame from other side. Freaky, but true. I met Aiden on my 19th birthday and he’s guiding me through this life. You know you can develop your own psychic gift, but you must be in-tune with yourself and meditate with prayer. Allow your mind to open up and take in everything with positive energies. I can see a little of someone else’s, but like I said, I’m working with that now. I mostly see’s my own; Which is very rare and complicated.

Answer by Kelvin
online psychic readers offer psychic readings. there are also psychic test tools downloadable for free. I know one such tool. they call it MB Psychic Test Software. you can know the detail about it at

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