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Psychic Tricks/ Scole Experiments – August 23, 2012 #ifollowback #tv

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RT @swanboobs: watching psychic videos on youtube. I REALLY WANT A PSYCHIC READING

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@sandybeales i was just thinking today that the band needs to be in the videos.. i guess im psychic or something

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Psychic TV – Wicked – Lost videos

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s the deal with martial arts that use “psychic energy” to fight? It can’t be real, can it?

Have you ever fought someone who used psychic energy (they hit you without touching you)? If it’s fake how come there are videos of entire classes of students practicing and reacting as if they are being hit? A mass delusion?

Answer by Frank the tank
It’s not real, there are several videos out there showing it.

Look up “kiai master” for instance.

Answer by for ever fighting
its called chi or qi its not fake many fighters believe it is because its extreamly hard to do and takes years to profect and years to before you can attempt to even do that so many styles and most pepole on this site will say its fake while i have experienced chi or qi first hand it very scary what they can do with it

Answer by Leo L
I have experienced effect that was beyond what sheer contact would produce. My instructors attribute this to their use of chi. It felt like an electrical jolt, resulting from a hand tap to the chest. I have ben able to produce this effect, myself, intermittently.

Answer by Dominick
Kaia master video

“Students when the cameras roll I’m gonna wave my hands around like a retard and I want all of you to fall down and act like you’re in pain.”

Answer by The One Who Knows
It works like a hypnotic suggestion. This is why a majority of the individuals susceptible to it are students of the art itself – it works because they believe it is real, and that information is reinforced because they see other people flopping on the ground.

Answer by judomofo
Many of the top answerers hear can tell you how very real it is.

Once one has established his training in Judomofo’s Chi Enhancement system, the super human powers they develop are beyond your wildest imaginations.

However it is something we don’t talk about… it is very exclusive, very expensive, and very secretive. We are worried some military of the world will attempt to force me to teach it to them, and give them an overwhelming advantage. No civilian… no human should know this stuff.. in the wrong hands… I shudder to think…

But it is REAL… Scary real! The powers I have developed… I have to sleep in a hyperberic chamber just so I don’t accidently unleash something in my sleep….

Answer by Hachidan Hamada
Psychic energy does not exist. There are stories about men projecting “Ki” to knock down a foe without touching him, but that is only primitive fiction. George Dillman made such claims, but a TV show refuted his claims publicly. His followers were trained to react as if they were hit when he gestured. Yes, it is a mass delusion perpetrated by frauds.

Answer by Flawed_logic
It’s a psychosomatic effect. If you believe hard enough it will happen. It’s not real in the sense that psychic energy knocks people out so much as the people knock themselves out.

Answer by Jim
It works if you believe it. It doesn’t if you don’t. A lie has power if you believe it. It has no effect if you don’t. The devil has only the power that we agree upon. There’s nothing else to sustain it. A hypnotist can make you believe that you see a white poodle if you are susceptible to the idea of hypnosis as having power. Voodoo works, if you believe it works. Perhaps, it is not that it takes a lot of time to develop chi to the degree you can knock people out or kill them with the energy alone. Perhaps, it takes a lot of time to cook enough subjects into the belief so that it may be sufficiently demonstrated.

I believe chi (ki) exists, but not as the fairytale it is often marketed to be.

Answer by Rikashiku
Well if they stared at more goats, they might be real….. if not then they’re total BS.

Answer by Spirit World Messages

Yes its very real both physically and mentally (mentally for remote influencing)

Take Care
Spirit World Messages

Answer by benthammillpsinger
If kong jing and other such phenomena are real. most will not attain that skill.

One thing you can do to cause “akrasia” or will-less-ness- is to unzip the other person’s aura and replace it with your own. Do research on kirlian phenomena as it is only taaught by one martial artist that I know of.

Answer by susan
As you can see from these answers, either a person believes it or not!

Tai Chi is entirely about directing energy. Any good martial arts school will teach their advanced students about meditation in order to help them learn to focus.

Like with all things, there are few masters and those who are around do not speak of these things for good reason.

Answer by Tyler M
Well Shaolin monks use Chi. It is scientifically proven to be real. It is purified and directed through Qi Gong. They increase energy in specific parts of their body to make them stronger, and feel no pain. But what you speak of, like the force or something? No. All fake.

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