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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Whats the difference between Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold?

My gold subscription just ran out and now it says i have silver membership. But i can still play games online and read messages and send messages. The only things i figured i cant do with silver is use the Facebook app and video chat. I never use video chat but I do use Facebook quite a bit. But are those the only differences? Can someone clue me in?

Answer by sanjay
silver = can’t play games online, can’t be in a party n use other things you said.

gold = can do everything.

Answer by cantbelieveitsnotbutter34
Gold membership allows you to have full access to XBOX Live, which includes playing online multiplayer, but this you have to pay for.
Silver is totally free, and allows you to access the XBOX Live marketplace and other features, but doesn’t allow you to play online.

Answer by Ryan
Gold gives you exclusive downloads like demos and special deals. Lets you play online, chat, fb and do everything.

Silver only gives you access to some demos and you can’t play online.

But the reason you are able to play online now is because From April 1 to the 5 it is free Gold weekend. Look under the My Community Tab on your dashboard. So thats the only reason you are able to play online now.

Answer by Matthew
Features of gold membership:
–Multiplayer games: Invite your friends into a multiplayer match and compete against each other or play co-op through expansive adventures.
–Marketplace: Gold Members get early and exclusive access to select downloads, trailers, videos, and more.
–TrueSkill matchmaking: For every ranked game you play, TrueSkill finds the best match for your skill level.
–Parties:Invite a group of friends into an Xbox LIVE Party, then you can all join games and play and chat together.
–Gamer feedback: Use the feedback system to select players you want to play with (or avoid) the next time you’re online.
–Watch Netflix movies: Gold Members who also belong to Netflix can watch Netflix’s extensive library of streaming movies and TV shows right on their console at no additional charge.
— Twitter,, Facebook, and More.

The reason you can currently play multiplayer online is b/c from April 1- April 5 MS is allowing everyone to play online for free.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I start an online Bible Study?

I think it would awesome to start something online where we read books of the Bible and talk about what we have learned. Also, we could pray for one another and help others. I just have no idea how I would get started and if anyone would be interested?

Answer by Jerrime Williams
You Tube.

Answer by TONI101
Easy. Build a web page giving all the info you just mentioned. Advertise it. Send me the site address when you finish.

(1 Timothy 2:3-4) This is fine and acceptable in the sight of our Savior, God, whose will is that all sorts of men should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.

Answer by Andie
I’m not sure, but that’s a great idea! Let me know when you start it and I’ll join. 🙂

Answer by Al Rednales
THat is a wonderful idea. But, there already is site called but I know what you mean. THat site is huge, and there are plenty of people to talk to and lots of Bible studies, and videos and kinds of neat stuff. But with regard to what you suggest ,yes I would like a smaller site a bible study group site to share and help each other grow in faith. There is the ning network, where you can create a site of sorts, and then there is the Yahoo groups.

Answer by Christian Virgin
Any of the major sites…
Why don’t you start a blog (or video blog)…

livejournal, bravejournal, blogspot,
yahoo, praize, google…

you name it – there are all kinds of available spaces out there

Answer by lovejesus
I like this website to look up the Holy Bible online:
Sounds nice about the online Bible study.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How many blackberry videos can I hold on a 2gb sd card?

I just got a 2gb sd card for my blackberry. I know I can save about 11k photos, since thats what I read up online, but what about videos? I can record videos with my blackberry curve, and they range about 3-6 mb of data. How many videos can I save then?

Answer by justin r
one way to find out fill it it up till u cant no more then you will know

Answer by Michael C
2GB is 2048MB take away the formatting data that is on the card, its about 1800MB divide that by 6MB that is 300 videos without any pictures, songs, or ringtones on it.

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