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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where Am I Headed? (Psychics)?

Whether You’re A Psychic Or A Observer And Etc. I Would Really Appreciate To Know What My Future Holds And Where I Am Headed

Answer by Pentex
You’re heading for the capital… letters.

Answer by Cheeky Girl
I think you will end up living abroad somewhere and marry a girl called Janet. You will have a big house with a tree at the bottom of the garden where you build a tree house for your twins Horace and Sam.

You will never be rich but you will be happy (although you have an allergy to cats).

Be well.

Answer by TwistedOwl
Over there

Answer by wefmeister
Listen what happened to this man and his amazing experience for some insight into what lies ahead….

Answer by Lefty The Leftfielder
Well Ruben, since you ask…

I am sensing uneasiness in your life, a crossroads. And there is someone or something involved that has a name. Or you call it… I am hearing a sort of “ah” or “ay” sound. Like a Bah- or maybe Beh-. Is there something like that going on? Add more details.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can someone give me a link to the most convincing ghost/spirit video?

Answer by CF
I could do that but I prefer not to do it. Just by watching the video, they could affect you. Instead, read or watch the reports from people who used to be involved in spirit worship. They can assure you that the supposed spirits of the dead are demon spirits.

Answer by Wascally Wabbit
+Real Ghost Videos+

Answer by Seadeva
Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

It was so convincing that they took it off air!
are a good start!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think of supposed Psychic Sylvia Browne?

I used to believe in her but now I have come to think she is a scam.

Answer by John T
What took so long? need I say more.

Answer by Sandra K
I could tell at once that she’s a fraud, and I’ve heard more by now that proves it.

Answer by Aoki S
i feel the same as you ALTHOUGH i do believe at some point she was a psychic BUT when your outlook changes and you take advantage of your gift for example fame, greed(she charges $ 700 a reading) your gift gets reduced then taken away from you FOREVER because of your selfish actions. shes a greedy woman $ 700 a reading? FUCKING CRAZY you can get a REAL reading by a mayan woman where i live for $ 70.

Answer by MiNNIE
i don’t think she’s all that legit. I saw a clip on youtube where she was wrong and she was trying to find any little thing to cover it up.

Answer by WakkaWakka
Well…yes she is nothing more than a fraud. Look up on you tube a series of videos by a gentleman named James Randi. He exposes frauds and hoaxers like Ms. Brown. She was actually on his show.

Answer by Lore
Big Honking Fraud.

There’s a website called– if you haven’t checked it out, you should.

I actually read a lot of the things she supposedly was “psychic” about, but she’s full of crap, and so is her son. The thing is, most of these peple don’t really hurt anyone by their phoniness, because some of it is just for fun anyway, but this woman has gone on national TV to help victims of 9/11, missing or abducted kids, and just about ALL of her psychic information is 100% wrong. Can you imagine the emotional harm she has inflicted on these poor people that actually were desperate enough to believe in her “powers”?

She makes me sick.

Answer by joe.attaboy
All psychics are scams.

The worst ones are the John Edwards types who claim they can speak to the dead. Think about this for a moment:suppose you were married to the same partner for 50 years. If your partner died and was able to communicate with the living from beyond the grave, do you really think they’d speak to John Edward, so he could tell *you* what they said?

Visit James Randi’s great site on psychics, seers and healers.

Randi has offered to pay Sylvia Browne one million dollars if she can conclusively prove she has such powers. In fact, he offers to test anyone and give them the million if they can prove to have powers. No one’s claimed the money yet, and they’re been waiting for Browne for over 8 years to do the test (she agreed to do it on Larry King’s show in 2001).

Answer by Laurel J
She’s not only a fraud, she’s not a nice person at all.

Answer by Namiyaa
I never used to like her, i just thoguht it was a scam, but i’ve come to really like her. and her readings,
So i believe, but everyone can be wrong sometimes.

Answer by kilroymaster
She has been scamming people for years………………………

Answer by Fred
Yeah, she is starting to lose her power. There’s a youtube video on her being wrong.

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Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Psychic Videos

W&W & Ummet Ozcan – The Code (Psychic Type Remix)

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