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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find a free sample psychic reading online that does it over the phone besides keen? no strings.?

Answer by Arian
good luck with that, almost all charge you money for worthless crap.

Answer by psychic-junkie
I’m often asked about how to find free psychics. Although I’m a professional myself and work for a fee I realize that there are psychics out there who offer either totally free readings or a free psychic question here and there. So I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there any online Absolute free online psychic readings?

Answer by Dr. McNinja
Yes –

I am sensing that you are somewhat gullible and will soon give your money away for a silly reason.

Answer by Michael K
If there really were such things, the person or persons would have won the one million dollar prize from James Randi.

Answer by Just Plain Bob
you might try this one. not quite psychic. free computer generated tarot reading, and other methods generally attributed to psychics.

Answer by peacelove
Forget that, as that’s not of God and so it’s evil. You can talk with and pray to God instead. Know that God can help you live a better life. You can have a personal relationship with God by saying the prayer below. God is all-knowing, all-powerful, eternal, holy, love. God loves us and sent us His Son, Jesus Christ, so we can go to heaven if we know and follow Him. Forever means without end — time on and on without death. Forever is what happens after we die. Either we go to heaven and be with God forever, or we go to hell which is very bad and painful forever. The good people who are saved believers in Jesus Christ go to heaven. The bad people go to hell. We need to know and follow God in this world to get to heaven in the next world. We follow God by loving and obeying Him and loving others for Him. Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is our bridge to God. Jesus died on the cross to cancel our sins. We need to accept Jesus into our life as our Lord and Savior forever to receive God’s blessing and forgiveness plus go to heaven to be with God forever after we die. This is about being a born-again Christian. Faith in God is a gift from God. You can pray for faith in God. Just speak out and ask God for the faith to believe in Him and to follow Him. Some people find faith in God when they realize the beauty in the world is made by God. Evolution can’t explain the world’s natural beauty, for example, the parks in the world, animals, flowers, peacocks, sunsets, butterflies, rainbows, etc. After you have your faith on, you can pray a sinner’s prayer to be a born-again Christian. This prayer is very important and should be said with a sincere heart and faith in God. This is the prayer: “Dear God, I know that I am a sinner and that Jesus Christ is the sacrifice for our sins. I have done the following sins (state these out) and I pray to discontinue these sins. I pray to receive Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.” I’m Lutheran and I like the Baptist churches too. You could check out a Christian church youth group or Bible study group to learn about God’s will for your life. You can pray to God about your daily life and have a Christian church pray for you.

Answer by Carrie
I don’t think anything is free, but I got a no hassle free reading here, if I want another reading it will cost however.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any free psychics online?

Well? I mean one without having to sign up or pay for anything. One that will answer more then one question?

Answer by Julian
yeah me, right here. My prediction is usually have some ups and downs but in the end will be all right.

Answer by Desiree
Sure babe, but I only specialize in dark fortunes.

Answer by steve
Just buy yourself a magic eight ball and be done with it. I think it is even more accurate.

Answer by Tommy

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So, yes. But I haven’t consulted one.

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Free Psychic Readings No Credit Card Required


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.