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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find a legitimate free psychic reading?

Are free readings all computerized and generalized, or are there really some out there where a real psychic spends time on you? It seems a waste to pay good money without knowing if your choice is a reliable and trustworthy one. I don’t trust reviews provided by clients, as they can post those themselves.

Answer by amber
Beware of people who may give you free minutes……… may have to spend money to purchase additional minutes first. I understand your concern when considering a psychic reader. Sometimes however you may want to consider trusting the referrals left by former clients. Read the whole testimonial and try to see if it makes sense. Do all of the referrals seem to be written in the same format or do they appear to be written by separate individuals….

Most reliable psychics/intuitives will not give free readings for nothing at all in return…and why should they be expected to…I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to go to work and put in your hours and expect not to be paid for it….

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Answer by KiKi
If you want a free reading its hard to find things that are legitimate but there is a facebook page called “The juvenile psychic”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Best free online astrology / tarot / psychic reading for 2010 ?

I would like to get a prediction on my love relationship + friendship & health life for 2010!
I have always been interested in astrologie, but I have never done something like tarot reading or explaining astrological signs by a medium before.
So I have decided to try it out. Is there anyone who can advice me where to find good, trustworthy online psychics or astrologers???

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Honestly, I cannot trust any of the online only psychics. Although there are most likely some good people working for the big websites, you have no way of telling if they are qualified or even ethical.

I would suggest finding a local psychic. New Age bookstores usually have them on staff or they can recommend them.

I do phone readings but I am a single business and have formal education in Metaphysics. I am not here to promote myself and that has not influenced how I answered your question.

Answer by Helena
Some time ago I did a search for this. It took me a while to find some good sources, but in the end I managed. From my experience I can suggest 2 ways to approach it: calling a free psychic or download software to try it out yourself:

free online psychics: an honest, real review (they actually tested 5 psychic readers):

download psychic reading software (official freeware):

Hope this helps.


Answer by Tillman
best free online psychic or tarot reading at


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