Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i get a decent tarot reading in Los Angeles?

i know a lot of people don’t really know what they’re doing, but i’ve heard real life stories of people who have had readings that have been totally right on. i’m curious.

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Answer by milly_1963
Do it online for free

Love & Blessings

Answer by sweetiepie
Venice Beach ~ I hear that there’s a lady that can really give a good reading and it seems to be true or come true.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you interpret Tarot readings for questions not directly related to myself?

I asked a question – ‘How does he feel about me’ and the online reading gave alot of cards relating to me and how I feel. Should I take these cards to be how HE feels or how I feel when the question was about him?

e.g the card might say feeling of betrayal, injustice, – but is that me feeling that or him?

Answer by BIrdy
Just make it up like they do.

Answer by Pangel ((((((HUGS))))))
the cards wont tell you how someone else feels
when you use cards for yourself , you are really just tapping into your subconscious , they would really only tell you things that you already know ( although may not realise you do )

when you read for someone else , you are tapping into their aura and using the cards as a focus/tool ….. so unless something is in someones aura to begin with , the cards wont tell you much more than that

in this case … what you are getting from the cards , is what you already know or feel yourself about the situation

Answer by Susanne
Personally when I use tarot cards I use them as indications on how to think about or view the subject at hand, it’s not a definitive thing, like being told you will stub your toe next week after being hit on the head with a wet spaghetti noodle.

I don’t understand how an online tarot reading could be accurate at all since the computer cannot pick up on auras/spiritual energies. I very rarely use my tarot because it’s not something I do lightly, essentially I think about it as petitioning the gods directly for an answer for something I simply do not now but need a specific direction on. Sometimes simply how the cards fall can make a big difference, something a programmed and scripted application would never do. Reading is also a very intuitive thing to me, there are so many tiny factors that can change how the ‘answer’ is read.

With that in mind it’s one of the reason I don’t do readings for other people, especially when the person is not involved nor even in the room. Personal perceptions and feelings for a person can skew the results. My husband wanted me to do a reading for him one day, and even though we have been together 13 years (married 8) I wouldn’t do it for those same reasons. I was happy to show him how to use them for himself, but I believe my energies would have muddied the waters.

I am more inclined in using runes on a more occasional/casual basis than I do my tarot, but part of that may be that the answers aren’t as set in cement allowing me to interpret as I feel according to my intuition.

Just because I’m curious, could you post the link to where you did the tarrot reading?

Answer by Magician
Maybe a better crafted question helps here. What is the current (or near future) state of our relationship together?

Do the reading yourself with a simple one or three card spread and use a simplified guide to basic card meanings (key words, concepts). That way you intuit the relevant possibility from the general understanding.

Answer by Pam R

Remember that online sites are for fun only, you can download them from my site, they are not to be taken seriously.

If you were laying tarot, then the cards laid would refer to your question – they would show how he feels about you. Or show an overriding aspect of his personality.


Answer by Mezmera
Ew, computer drawn cards, ick. Not worth thinking about them in my opinion. Unless the online reading was with a real person, in which case, the reader should have explained.

If you want to know how he feels about you, then you need to ask him. I drew a card asking how he feels about you but I have to say that I’m not great at third party readings. I drew the Eight of Swords and my initial impression was that you are suffocating him. But, then, looking at the card I think it must be for you. Are you so caught up in how he feels about you that you are imprisoned? Are you paralyzed thinking about him and his feelings about you?

I encourage you to stop worrying about what he’s thinking and just live your life, be who you are, and if he is attracted to that and wants to be around you, then great! So much better to be who you are and to be appreciated that way than to try and be who you think someone wants you to be and live a life acting like you think he wants you to. If there is history between you two, the same suggestion applies. Be who you are. I imagine you’ve already said everything you could say, and either he is interested or he isn’t and if he isn’t, then who cares what he thinks? You’ve got a life to live and you can’t wait around indefinitely imprisoned by your hopes.

Live. Breathe. Laugh. And Love will come as a result of your happy life.

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