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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a free 5 min psychic phone reading without giving my credit card?

Wanting to have a “free” 5 minute, more or less, psychic phone readling withtout giving my credit card information. I gave my information once and hung up after the 5 minute tone and still charged an outstanding charge. It was nearly impossible to get this charged removed from my account.

Answer by You asked, I answered
No one will give you a free reading over the phone.

Answer by kiran f
try out
after registration you get free 6 minute reading without listing your credit card info…tryed it out myself..a very good site…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How many atheists believe in the paranormal?

Atheists don’t believe in God but the belief in the paranormal (ghosts, psychics etc.) does not require a belief in God. Are there a lot of paranormal believing atheists and if any are reading this feel free to share what you believe.

Answer by pumpkin kitty!
99.99% do not.
.1% do.
and that .1% is one who claims atheist but has no idea what they are talking about.

Answer by Pangloss(((equalityforall)))
Not this one.

Answer by HC:god made me atheist
there are a lot of christian catholics i know that dont believe in ghosts…aliens…etc..

Answer by Laurel
Nope, doing so wouldn’t make sense…

Answer by Jesse =D
i believe in the paranormal but im agnostic

Answer by Tori
i beleive in aliens because it is a proven fact that there are trillions and trillions of planets out there, and if its possible for life to be on earth than there life to be anywhere else in the universe. thats what i beleive

Answer by Senior IC: Yoruichi!
Some psychics seem very convincing, but I am not educated enough on the subject to offer commentary on it.

I have a hopeful belief in reincarnation, but I know logically it doesn’t happen.

Answer by Chas H
about 0.0000000000001% by my estimation.

a six sigma has an IQ of 190…

Answer by kclightman
I”m a pagan (Taoist) atheist. I do.

Answer by Alex
I do not believe in the paranormal. I don’t believe in anything supernatural. “Things that go bump in the night” are fine for campfire stories. The real world has enough mysteries and challenges in it. Why do you need ghosts?

Answer by the_way_of_the_turtle
Even the best pieces of evidence of the paranormal are easily debunked.

But I still loved the X-Files.

Answer by C
I’m agnostic. And I only believe in spirits…a little bit.

Answer by Sparta Kitteh! Atheati Spartan
Only paranormal stuff I believe in is called “residual” hauntings. As in emotions stored in a certain place/object…you know, that kind of stuff.

Answer by Gypsy
I’m not exactly an atheist but you just try and stop me from answering!
I do believe in “paranormal” phenomena. I have witnessed some things myself and I have also studied the subject in great depth. I find it fascinating. I always used to assume that science could explain just about everything. It turns out it can’t. There is a lot of phenomena that leaves scientists scratching their heads. Things happen that no one can explain. One example is ‘spontaneous human combustion’. Something that scientists have been trying to explain for decades. They have had some good theories, but none of their theories have stood up to any sort of testing. Even now there is no adequate explanation for this phenomena.
In my humble opinion, it’s wisest not to rule anything out. Science is not infallible and this universe is far too mysterious for any mere human to ever understand. There are some things we will just never know.

Answer by jamie
I would like to compell “Jesse =D” to share her reasoning.

As already said, it is highly unlikely for a non-religious person to believe in metaphysical happenings. The ones who do could probably not even define atheist or agnosticism.

Answer by JefFlyingV
The paranormal is part of the realm of the supernatural; so no, I do not believe in the paranormal.

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