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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i get a free psychic reading online? thanks?

Answer by Alex
Search for one but leave the word ‘psychic’ out of it or you’ll get nothing truly free. You should search for ‘free reading’ or ‘free medium reading’ or free spirit reading.’ Keep in mind though that if unless they’re a student they’ll probably only let you ask a question or two before they expect you to buy a complete reading.

Also there are forums where you can post questions and have those who are skilled in spirit communication respond with what they receive for you.

It is important to state that if someone is only using tarot cards you won’t get specific information as you would if they coupled that tool with clairvoyance, clairaudience, trance, or some other extrasensory ability.

Answer by Spirit World Messages
Hello Ross

Try the web sites below, they do free readings online ok.

Take Care
Spirit World Messages

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics- im a skeptic but…?

Ive been watching a NZ programme and the psychics are getting the murder investigation facts pretty right… i was wondering if there was any scientific or more rational explanation for psychic powers that might make sense to me
they are guessing the exact number of times people have been stabbed or shot!!!

Answer by mrbell08
Psychics read body language, depending on how you react, even if it’s the slightest reaction, they know that are giving you what you want to hear.

Answer by Gorgeous
I think most psychics are phony and read body language. Some people are very gifted at reading body language. For instance, I didn’t realize that other people were not that good at it. I read other people all the time. Ah, take psychics with a grain of salt. And I am convinced if they have to ask questions, they aren’t for real.

Answer by Lisa K
Look psychic powers are not such a strange thing as you think they are. Can you give a logical explanation why your neck or your shoulder is made like that? no. So is with psychic powers they’re of nature and all of us have at least one even if we didn’t notice!!! Try not to think it like a strange thing or a trick cuz it’s not. Psychics don’t get things always right they make mistakes it’s normal, they don’t use tricks and they’re not freaks. I want to believe I’m a psychic, I get things close to reality usually. So try to find what kind of power you have and develop it. It’s not a bad thing but a blessing humans don’t develop unfortunately.
here are the types, you’ll see mabe you do something little and don’t realize.
AUTOMATIC WRITING – the ability to write messages of wisdom and guidance from a higher realm of consciousness that is transcribed directly in writing (either handwritten or typed), which does not originate from the conscious mind; channeling in written form.

CHANNELING – the ability to receive messages from higher guidance; the person who does the channeling often delivers the information by speaking, but it can also be written.

CLAIRAUDIENCE – the ability to hear messages from higher guidance – these messages can be heard through the ears, or internally in the mind (which is a form of Telepathy).

CLAIRSENTIENCE – the ability to pick up energies and emotions from people, places or things, often called empathy. A clairsentient person is often referred to as an empath.

CLAIRVOYANCE – a French word meaning “clear seeing” which refers to the ability to see visions, to receive visual images and impressions, often seen through the “mind’s eye” or “third eye”.

DOWSING – the use of a dowsing tool, such as a pendulum, for locating water, gold, oil, lost or missing items, or for answering any question. A PENDULUM is an excellent tool to help someone access his/her own intuition in a way that can be clearly seen and felt.

ESP – stands for extra-sensory perception, referring to the ability to receive information beyond the five known senses, but actually involves using the five senses in a heightened way in combination with the sixth sense of intuition. It is a common term for psychic powers of all kinds.

INTUITIVE – someone who is able to access higher guidance and information through the use of a highly developed intuition.

INTUITION – the way that our higher guidance communicates with us in order to guide us with an inner knowing or “inner voice”.

MEDICAL INTUITIVE – a psychic who specializes in issues of health and disease in the body.

MEDIUM – a person who has the ability to communicate with spirits who have passed over to the other side.

PSYCHIC – a person who is able to receive higher guidance and information through one form or any combination of psychic powers; usually refers to someone who has highly developed psychic powers to the point of being a professional psychic.

PSYCHIC DETECTIVE – a psychic who chooses to work with solving crimes or cases of missing persons.

PSYCHOMETRY – the ability to receive information from the energy of objects, photographs, or places through clairsentience.

READERS – some readers are intuitive or psychic, and some are not. There are many types of readings that can be performed, such as reading palms, Tarot cards, playing cards, runes, tea leaves, etc.

REMOTE VIEWING – the ability to see people, places and things that are remote in time and space.

SCRYING – the ability to see images, usually in shiny surfaces, like a crystal ball, a mirror, a black mirror, or even a bowl of water.

SIXTH SENSE – refers to intuition; often called ESP or extrasensory perception, because it employs all the senses in a heightened way in order to receive information.

TELEPATHY – mind to mind communication, also known as “mind reading”.

TRANCE CHANNEL – a person who goes into an altered state of deep trance and allows another entity to speak through them, presumably an entity who is more highly evolved.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do i pay a psychic online for a reading,will the bill come to me ? if so where do i pay them, or i can ?

just pay them on line, because i have a credit card now

Answer by lisa
Sure, you can use your credit card- but only if it is covered by pay pal.

Answer by Hannah
You pay by credit card. Don’t worry, they’re all about the cash, so they will tell you how to pay — payment is received before they’ll even consider giving you a “reading”.

Save your money though — most of the online “psychics” are frauds.

A person with a true gift, who is honest and sincere, won’t accept payment — good luck finding one of those online though!

Answer by sluggy
If they are genuine then they should know where to send the bill.

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