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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can I get a free real psychic health reading?

I have a condition that no doctor can figure out what is causing it. I was wondering if someone knew a website where I could get a free health reading to determine what is causing my condition. Thanks.

If you don’t believe in psychics that fine. I’m just asking a question.
emailed you.

Answer by Dare to be remarkable
Mail me.

Answer by Roman
You can get psychic reading for health here :

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i find a free medium psychic reading?

Hi i would like to find a medium that wont charge. Been feeling that i need a reading, if anyone know please let me know thanks

Answer by Allan
In the newspaper horoscope columns. They are as accurate as any you will get from a “psychic”, in other words they are all bovine excrement.

Answer by Uka Uka Nuka Nuka Appu Wa
They don’t necessarily give those away for free, unless you know someone. They’re not that expensive, though – if you *really* need one, just cough up the twenty bucks and go find a legit psychic. There are some very creative scam artists – the legit ones will seem to already know things, and they won’t have to ask you a bunch of questions. Ex. “You’re dad’s hair was brown – no it was black. No red . . . no he was a blond. I knew it: he was a blond.” Hear something like that and you know you’ve got a quack.

Answer by Le’scuse me?
that wont charge? maybe a back alley or somethng

Answer by Servant7

this is how it all ends if you really want to know.

and remember they are accurate maybe 2% of the time? or was it 1%?

I don’t think you’ll find much but those phone numbers you call.

and remember they are attached usually to the demonic.. so remember “more lies”

Answer by Psi Medium
Y’know, even though more than half the work I do is pro bono, I still get annoyed when I read stuff like this.

Let me put it this way- You want to contact a deceased loved one, but don’t want to pay for that rare privilege. So how do you think they’d react if I reached your Uncle Dan or Great-Aunt Penelope and said, “Your niece wants to chat, but apparently you’re not worth her spending the money.”

Answer by Jennie
You can get free psychic readings here:

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