Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a free tarot card reading?

Answer by α gιяℓ.
I doubt anyones going to give you a free reading but you can do your own here:

Answer by BellaMariaa
if you lived near me, memphis….,but online New age store<--- Google amazing tarot readings

Answer by ice magic
I’m happy to give you one, I’m sure a lot of people on here would too

Answer by emma
online readings kinda suck to be honest, because the point of a tarot reading is to shuffle them with your own hands until you feel ready to stop. they really aren’t very expensive though. depending where you live i’d say 15-50$

Answer by Biddy_Tarot
If you would like a free Tarot reading by a real person, check out:

Just select a Tarot reader, request your reading, and provide feedback afterwards. These are Tarot students who are building up their experience.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are physic readings correct?

I had 3 physic readings about me and my ex. All 3 of them said there was a women which caused the break up, which i know who it was. but it was not physical. They also said we would sort things out in the new year and they can see us being back together. please how accurate are these readings?

Answer by Jonathan
its called cold reading, read about it

Answer by Shreyas
I don’t know if physic readings are correct, but if you meant “psychic”, then maybe yes, if the psychic hasn’t fooled you and is a reputed one!!

Answer by Nash Hinton
If Psychic readings are false then it should be able to be falsified. For example let’s apply the scientific method to demonstrate if Tarot Cards actually work. If you perform two tarot card readings that give different answers to the same question at different times, then you could be sure that the readings are false. If you layed out two “yes or no tarot spreads” for the same question, and if the results are both yes and no, then this proves that the efficacy of tarot cards are falsified making psychic readings unable to predict the future. If you wanted to find your astrological birth chart online and the personality traits don’t match your personality or the description of your personality is in constant contradiction, then you could be sure that astrology is a bunch of hogwash. I have tarot cards myself, and I have seen multiple contradictions in the readings to the same question.

These fortune tellers use something called “cold reading” to sound accurate.
Here’s a definition for cold reading:

Cold reading is the ability to gain information about someone without that person realizing that they are actually giving up the information themselves. This is achieved using a series of tricks and psychological manipulations to coax information out of the interviewee, and then to pass it off as being generated by psychic powers or other means. These tricks are combined with selective reporting or clever editing (of televised readings) to give the appearance that the reading was very successful, and almost magical. If done right, a cold reading leaves a person, or at least most of the audience, completely unaware that they revealed the information themselves. The trick is used mostly by psychics who claim supernatural powers and faith healers, but also by con artists, mentalists, and, ironically, debunkers.
The term “cold” reading refers specifically to a situation where no information is known to the reader beforehand, and so the appropriate facts are extracted during the reading only. This is in contrast to a “hot” reading where information has been actively gathered beforehand by the reader and their accomplices, or a “warm” reading where only some information or a few pointers are known to the reader.

Answer by Sapphire
Most of the time,No.

Answer by Damith
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psyhic/tarot reader please read…?

Hi, I am at a turning point in my life and I need some help.

My Birthday is 4/26/1983 at 10:08am I am in need of some answers about my situation.

Also, I am having a difficult time figuring out what I want to do with my life… any help there?

Thank you kindly.


Answer by ana f
Sign up and you can get online readings for free
Fill the spaces and click next, then in the next page scroll down to where it says english reports. Red checked ones are for free and are pretty accurate.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Online Tarot Readings

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