Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i get a free tarot love reading?

I would like a link to a reputable website that gives free tarot love readings. I have been searching for a speciality site. I am looking for top rated psychics if anyone knows where to go Online PLEASE!!!

Answer by Carrie
Tarot Card Readings come in two main forms. There is New Age Tarot and Da Vinci Tarot readings. You can use either for a Tarot Love Reading. I like the New Age Tarot Card readings as they are typically the ones that investigate your personality along with what you should expect in your current or future Tarot Card Readings. I have only one suggestion for which site to go to as I know it is reputable with highly rated Psychics and Tarot Card readers on rotation there. is the site I suggest. Make sure you ask him or her for a New Age Tarot Reading in my opinion.

Answer by jason
You can try this link it may helps ypu.

Answer by Katrina
Following are some of the good,reliable and free tarrot reading list of sites for Free Psychic Chat and Free Psychic Readings.
1. Oranum – Offering Free Tarot Readings and Psychic Chat.
2. Hollywood Psychics – Giving You Tarot Online Readings and Psychic Readings.
3. PsychicSource – Your Source for Free Tarot Readings & Free Psychic Chat.
4. Kasamba – Affordable Psychic Readings and Free Tarot Online.

Answer by Tillman
free psychic question and free tarot love reading at

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Computer Generated Tarot Cards?

Ok I’ve become addicted to online computer generated tarot card readings. To be honest, some of my readings have been pretty accurate. That’s how I became addicted. I just want to know how accurate are these computer generated readings. Religious speaking will I have bad luck by doing these? Will God punish me?
These are some of the sites I’ve been too. Facade. new age tarot and free tarot reading.

Answer by George
No one is going to punish you.

Tarot isn’t that old, only a few hundred years (astrology & numerology are 1000’s of years old and astrology and numerology feature heavily in the bible. The 3 Wise men were astrologers!).
The standard Rider Waite Tarot deck that defined the genre is only 101 years old.

So technology has allowed the creation of Tarot (the printing press).
Who’s to say that virtual computer Tarot isn’t valid either?

I personally like using the cards but not everyone has access to them or can afford them.

Be careful with the addiction though, it’s not good to keep asking too much. You’ll just end up confusing yourself or worrying about things you’re seeing.

I’m interested in knowing where you have been going online to get these readings?
Care to update your question with some pointers?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question RE: Tarot cards?

Many years ago I bought a deck of tarot cards…everything was fine, and I didn’t have a weird feeling while using them, but shortly after I started having weird things happen in my house, mostly in my bedroom where I was using them. I would feel as if I wasn’t in the room alone, (especially when trying to sleep) weird noises, small objects falling over by themselves, and my dog started acting really weird. I got rid of the cards and eventually, (it took a while) things got better. A few years later I tried to use a deck again, with the same result.

So, the other night I was doing them online, and actually looking at different decks…. but ultimately deciding not to try again. However, that night I had some really odd things happen. I was lying in bed watching TV, and as soon as I rolled over to go to sleep I heard a LOUD crash, and the large picture I had on the wall had crashed to the floor. Also, the printer for my computer goes off by itself about three times a week, always in the middle of the night. It will wake me from sleep, I can hear the cartridge going back and forth. I’m in my room a lot, and have never heard it during the day. It usually happens between 2-5 in the morning. Its not even turned on, although it is pluged in.

My house has always had a few weird unexplained things happen over the years. Is it possible to bring something into my home by using a deck of cards…or even doing readings online?

Answer by Kimberlee Ann
I am not sure it actually has to do with the deck or decks themselves, but more the fact that you are showing that you are open to this line of thinking and to the spirit world. Sounds to me like someone is trying to get in touch with you. You can ask them not to scare you. You can also ask them to come to you in your dreams and outline more clearly what they want from you or want to tell you. I am unafraid of these things… So I tend to take a light hearted approach. I always say hello when I feel I am not alone. Hope this helps,

Answer by I’m just me
You know, I had to have a demon cleaned out of my house at one point. At that time, I had a tarot deck myself, and the woman who cleaned my house told me to get rid of them, that for me at least, they were bad news. She told me literally “don’t mess with something you know nothing about”. I got rid of them too.

for whatever that’s worth.

Answer by Michelle
By using the cards the cards you’re communicating with the other world, kinda like ouija boards and there’s nothing wrong with that. However it seems like something was attracted to the Tarot cards and isn’t leaving. I’d suggest visiting here- and getting rid of it. You can continue using the cards but do so less frequently and if you feel like something’s off then immediately stop and come back to it later, but if you don’t feel comfortable with the cards put away or get rid of them.

Answer by eri
Stuff falls over. That’s not paranormal. Sounds like you’re just trying to convince yourself something paranormal is happening – but it’s not. A tarot deck is just a game, and usually not even the fun kind (Tarot is also a French card game similar to Rook, but the only decks they sell in the US are the fortune-telling kind). No, you can’t ‘bring anything into your home’ using a deck of cards. That’s all superstition. And then you make it worse by being paranoid. If you’d just accept it’s all superstition, you’d be a lot happier.

Answer by tk_8231
It is always possible to invite a spirit into your home with out realizing it you have to be very careful spirits can attach themselves to you.If you must play with those cards you need to find you some protection against evil spirits all it takes is one evil entity to give more than you ever bargained for.

Answer by philebus
You shouldn’t worry about your tarot cards. Leaving aside any question as to their working or not (which is entirely unaffected by the matter of their history), tarot cards are not intrinsically occult objects.

They were created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court. They consist of two parts: a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards (which preexisted tarot in Europe by about 70 years) and a fifth suit of picture cards. These extra cards took as their theme not an occult philosophy but a Christian triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. And that is what they were, a suit of fixed trumps for a family of card games that continues to be played throughout continental Europe to this day.

The point is that divination is performed with all manner of objects, be they tarot cards, dominoes (really), or tea leaves. This does not make them occult objects and if you don’t think that tea leaves in the house will invite spirits, then you shouldn’t worry about your cards.

Answer by Witchy Mel
I experienced this with a deck of cards. I can’t exactly tell you why they were bad…they worked but they were leading me into karmically wrong situations. I had a dream one night that the cards were all over the street and it was raining. I was trying to pick them up and I saw my Grandmother (who had already passed away) and she pointed to the cards and said “Those cards are bad.” in a very serious tone and then I snapped awake. It was like three in the morning and I got out of bed, took the cards, went down the hall and threw them down the garbage chute. I knew that it was a real message and warning and confirmed my feelings about them.

I have heard that entities can sort of possess material objects and influence them. I am not sure if that was what was happening with my deck or not though.

Your situation could stem from many different things. It could be your past life connections to the tarot cards that is causing this disruption. It could be a guide that is trying to steer you clear of using them. Or it could be a ghost in your house that happens to be Christian and doesn’t want you to use them.

The best way to find out is to ask for a sign. If you ask your guide or the Angels, you will be drawn to your answer.

Not everyone is aligned with the energy of tarot. I have used tarot cards since that incident long ago but I don’t connect to them very well. I am more aligned with Oracle cards. Have you ever checked those out?

In my opinion, tarot has a very old and ancient energy to it. I have noticed that I am unable to prevent the future result when I use them…even if I try to take a different course, the cards still play out exactly the way I read them.

With the Oracle cards, there is a fresh nature-like energy to them. They are very spiritual and positive and they help you to get to the future you want. So for example, if you really wanted to be in a relationship, the cards that land in the future position(s) play out like stepping stones to that goal. It gives you a lot more control over your future and in the process of that, you become empowered…as well as healing yourself of any linger issues from the past.

It would be interesting to see if you get the same strange feeling when checking out the Oracle cards.


BTW, I have gotten many wonderful tarot readings from other people and the cards and the readers always gave me positive vibes. In my case, I think it is just interacting directly with them that causes a problem.

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Hi! I am Kathy, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. I do not use tools, so if you are looking for tarot, astrology or anything like that, sorry that’s not me!.

I have been psychic since childhood, tracing my abilities back several generations, through my mother and grandmother on my mom’s Irish side,and to at least my grandmother on my dad’s Polish side. We all get our gifts from God, and no other place.

The first time I really remember using my abilities was when I was about 10- we were lost on a trip to visit relatives who had bought a new house and farm in a different state. I was able to navigate our way to the relative’s house, and once there knew where everything was, even down to the silverware drawer! Deja vu, indeed!