Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a real psychic reading?

I’ve looked at a lot of psychic sites, but there are so many to choose from and I have know way of knowing which ones are real and which ones are phony. Has anyone had a real psychic reading and, if so, where?


Answer by Mr. Wang
If they were real, there would be no lottery.

Answer by Bob
That’s an oxymoron.

Answer by ifmeggicandoityoucan
Look some up in the Yellow Pages.
They may cost a lot though.

Answer by Bryce
They’re ALL phony. Or they’re all legit, depending on what you believe.

Answer by Chris
Going to a psychic isn’t going to solve your problems. It’s not even real, they are just good at reading people

Answer by wushuboy001
Heres and idea. Take the money you would have been willing to spend on a psychic and donate it to a good charity. Then let karma bring you good fortune and solve your problems.

Answer by Lisa Y
Obviously everyone here doesn’t believe in psychics, but I have had some pretty amazing readings before.

Here’s a few tips from The Consumer Advisor (

1. Make sure the psychic or psychic site in question offers a full 100% refund on their readings. If the site doesn’t have an accuracy guarantee, then it is probably a scam.
2. Make sure the site has unbiased customer review system.
3. Most sites offer free or discounted introductory readings. If they don’t, then they’re probably a scam.
4. If your reading doesn’t feel right or you’re not making a connection with the pyschic, end it and move on.

Hope that helps.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of a free psychic chat ?

I want to ask a question but I don’t want any wierd charges appearing on my credit card.

Answer by olive
There are no such things as psychics it is all fake.

Answer by LadyLuck!
no free chats….

Answer by Pufferella
Your Past was filled with a lot of feelings of guilt you maybe even were very emotionally stressed or had nightmares in connection to what happened, you remained hopeful that things would change but instead you left the situation feeling like you didn’t quite get closure on it.

Presently you may feel like you’re stuck in the same situation wondering when things are going to get better, you’re not as happy as you could be but each day is filled with little bittersweet moments that make you smile. Denial isn’t a river in Egypt and only you can get yourself out of your current situation. Just remember that you can’t go back again.

Your Future: Your best bet is to prioritize and start thinking about what you wanna do, some kind of career change is eminent but things do fall through messages will perhaps be things you don’t want to hear. Your best advice is to work hard at what you want perhaps even do something to perfect your skills.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know a psychic that I can talk to about my future?

I really need to know about my future career, I’m sorry I do not wish to give any details but yeah.
If anyone knows a psychic or if you are one, is there a way we can get in contact? I live in Australia.

Answer by Kirk
There are no psychics only con artists who take advantage of weak minded people such as yourself.

Answer by Lost on planet earth
it really dosnt matter who you talk with. The more work experience someone has the better possibilities you will have. In the end you will either let life lead you or you will take charge of your own life.I have helped many people become very successful but i do it for free. I do not feel comfortable asking people for money. Here in America the employment office has life test that help show what you can do. I tell people take what you know u dont want to do and go for the rest.

Answer by Nine
Yes I am psychic and am sensing a strong connection in the future surrounding someones death.Not sure if its your own or a close relative. In the near future,A catastrophic chain of events.Brace yourself.

Answer by Deb R
I don’t request for someone to see a psychic. But I can tell you about Jesus.

Answer by Secretive
ok know offense but that’s all fake, for example a psychic says to a girl she will meet her future love life next week on monday, so the girl actually waits for that day, when monday comes she bumps into a guy, and because of what the psychic said she thinks he will be the love of her life. if you don’t believe me tell me what you like to do? and all tell you what you will be, you see i want to be a fbi when i grow up, so i study people, i study there habits, and a lot of other things. and that’s what also what psychic do!!! they examine you as through you are a patient they study you, for example when i women comes in to s store with her hands crossed you could tell she is protective, when she looks around that just means she is scared, and hen she looks down and walks slowly that means something happened, she has a secret. they feed of people’s feelings, and lie to them. YOU COULD BE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP! and that not a lie, all you have to do is earn it☺

Answer by Bubbles™
Your looking for trouble messing with demons!

Answer by Wyndright
Google psycic consultations for your local area. Only use someone who has good recommendations, preferably who is attached to a society or organization. These are the credible ones.

The only way to get a reliable reading is to visit two or more psychics and see if they come up with the same or similar information for you. Don’t take everything they say literally or as gospel truth. Talent truly does vary and some are better than others. Take it all with a grain of salt until they say something that absolutely resonates with you.

Be prepared for generalities. They are not going to be able to tell you exact details, it just doesn’t work that way. They are not going to solve all your problems. But you can go with a list of questions and ask those, and do this with several readers, then you can take a consensus.

I have had readings where I felt the person was completely doing guesswork. I have had others where I was blown away by the specific information – but this always seems to be a small thing. I have never had any great life questions answered in any detail.

I stay away for people who use tarot cards, playing cards, or any other gimmick. They may be as valid as anything, but I think cards make for guesswork and making up stories in their minds. The best readers are “mediums” who can communicate with spirits and/or angels. Your spirit guides are there to help you and guide you. It’s good to tune into their advice once in a while.

I went to four different psychic meduims in different places one year, and every one of them named and described the same spirit guide to me. So I’m a believer.

Answer by Moonwalking Angel In Heaven *MJ*
I agree with Deb R. I can tell you about Jesus. He’ll help you with your problems and he knows what’s in store for you.

Answer by мנѕ ℓιттℓє вιтту ρяєтту σиє
awwww daughter!!

dont believe that trash!!

no one knows u more than jesus…=D

Answer by deborahpsycic
psychic here….. and tell bubbles the demons are on vacation so you just got me for now.

yeah..umm about your question….I usually ask for name and birthday to get me started but I had some extra time tonight so I did some meditation and I will tell you what I pick up on you and then you can decide if you are a believer. by the way… i do not usually do this for free (gotta feed my kids same as anyone)

Your line of work is dealing with “others” money and I see a lot of organizing and filing I will not assume you are a consultant or bank clerk maybe even a secretary in charge of pay role… but definitely working around people that do that kind of work.

but you already know what you want to do.. it is just that the economy is bad everywhere not just in the US. you are competing with a dozen others for the smallest of jobs. I actually see enough education so don’t think that more school will help. Everyone can do some relaxing though I have predicted that things will pick up in the next year and by 2012 we will be right back to wasting mindlessly

suggestion: I see you working lower on the corporate ladder first and working your way up (don’t be afraid of the mail room) especially when you will be right where you want in 3 years.

I wrote a couple blogs on my website that deals with starting over…. by the way look to be starting over in the love field to (sorry) but i hope it helps

Answer by Magen
I think sometimes people are very rude on here–if they don’t believe in what you believe in, they shouldn’t answer the question. You didn’t ask for their opinions on psychics–you asked for a recommendation. (It’s like asking for a good recommendation for a restaurant and then someone saying “all restaurants are rips offs” etc.)

Okay–enough of that–I do know a great psychic online. She’s fantastic–have been going to her for years, she barely charges anything. Last time I looked at her site it was like $ 5 for a reading if you’ve never had a reading from her before. You should check out her site. I’ve suggested her to a few other people on Yahoo answers and their feedback has been really positive. Her site is

Answer by ricky
my friend said about this metaphysical consultant
he contacted him here
check out
you may get help

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