Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a tarot reading that is not computer generated?

Most websites offering free tarot readings are really just randomly generated card pulls and your reading is a simple collection of the standard card meanings. Pathfinder Tarot offers a free reading to all new customers, that is conducted via email, by an educated, expereinced and certified tarot reader. You can send a request to Please try this service and post your opinions here. Have you ever had a tarot reading from any service? Did you find it helpful?

Answer by zaatheist
I can give you one – very manual and personal. But I need 100 bucks up front.

Answer by anthony h
No, I have never had a reading and never felt I needed that, because Jesus said, “Behold, I have foretold you all things.” I don’t dabble in the things of the occult. some do and that is their choice and preference.

*** did you know you were phishing.

Answer by frogma (tadpole due July 25th)
So I’m guessing this is YOUR website. This isn’t a site to advertise your scam, dear.

Answer by Johnnycat
it doesn’t matter… tarot cards were just a game back in the old days, and to assign spiritual significance is like to assign significance to a ouija board, the game made by parker brothers…

EDIT: in that same light, though, it’s like assigning spiritual significance to a statue or an IDOL 😉

1 Samuel 15:23, “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has also rejected you from being king.”

If it was so for Saul, why would it be any different for us?

Answer by Parrot
What do you mean, a “certified” tarot reader? Certified according to who?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a tarot reader out there willing to read my cards for free?

I don’t really care if the tarot card reading things are true or not, I just want to have the experience.

Answer by Just Plain Bob
free readings are available at the following website:

Answer by Meg
Well you need to clarify what you’d like a reading on. The cards are showing me that you just had to move on to a new place, either a new job or a new home, and that it all seemed great the first few months, however things have changed radically now. There’s a lot of fighting involved, back stabbing and chaos, involving you taking care of another person, or someone who seems like a mom to you. You’re being advised to suck it up for a little while longer and not to dwell on your past so much, which is very emotional from what the cards are showing me, there’s a sense of shutting yourself down emotionally too. No matter how hard you try a lot of the things going on are not going to make a lot of sense to you, even if you feel stuck, you are the type of person that can just keep on plowing through anything, regardless if you’re hurt, sick, or just tired and worn out. Remember to keep a rein on your emotions and trust your gut when you feel that things aren’t right. And never hesitate to talk to someone about your feelings.

Answer by Katherine
I’ll do it. Email me at or go to my site

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the meanings of regular playing cards when they are normal and inverted in a tarot card reading?

I am trying to learn how to learn how to do tarot card readings with regular playing cards, but every website I have gone to so far have not said what the inverted meanings of all the cards are. I know it would be a lot easier to just go out and buy a regular deck of tarot cards, but my parents refuse to allow me to get them. Help please?

Answer by blue chaos soɐɥɔ ǝnlq jpa
There is a website that gives the equivalent meaning. Give me a few minutes to find it.

Couldn’t find it. I starred you Q for my contacts who are better at this than I.

Answer by Kristen T
It means that the energy represented is hidden or not yet manifested. A lot depends on your own intuition. I read the cards & practiced some other psychic reading tools, & it backfired on me-giving me chronic headaches & a nervous condition which was cured through meditation. Best is to follow your parent’s advice.

Answer by KdS
Well, I think the main reason they don’t usually give the meanings for reversals, are that most modern playing card decks can’t make reversals (the cards are usually mirrored for both sides.) However, for tarot, there are three modes of deciding meanings for reversals that would work for a playing card as well, as described in the book The Cartomancer’s Key :–

Consider it to be the opposite of the upright meaning.
Consider it to be the negative side of the upright meaning (like the downside of a card meaning “success” might be “responsibility” or “hard work”)
Consider it to indicate a blockage of the card’s upright meaning (so for a card that would upright mean “success” it could mean “inability to achieve success.”)

As for the upright meanings, the same book lists a method for reading them.

Hope this helps.

Answer by souls.journey
If you lightly mark the bottom of the cards face with a marker, you’ll know if its reversed by how it falls in your spread. Markings on top would be reversed.

Provided you have the basics, any Tarot site can help you understand the definitions.

Spades = Swords
Hearts = Cups
Clubs = Wands
Diamonds = Pentacles

But remember, you need to add your Court cards and Major Arcana. You can do this by simply getting another deck of playing cards! 🙂 Write in the name of the Court Cards or Major Arcana. Traditional Tarot has 16 court cards and 22 Major Arcana. This sounds like a neat project actually! Shows devotion to the craft of reading well and this is always a pleasure to see! 🙂

You may find numerology helpful as well for card divination.

Feel free to join our Tarot group ~ plenty of people willing to help!

Good luck and blessings, Elise

Answer by SadharaSatguru

You cannot do a Tarot reading with playing cards.

Divination with playing cards is called Cartomancy, give it a google & you will find many sites that will give you card details.


Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Free Tarot Card Reading

Voyager Tarot Free Tarot Card Reading For Client A Covering March 2010 – October 2010

Written by PsychicKathy

Hi! I am Kathy, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. I do not use tools, so if you are looking for tarot, astrology or anything like that, sorry that’s not me!.

I have been psychic since childhood, tracing my abilities back several generations, through my mother and grandmother on my mom’s Irish side,and to at least my grandmother on my dad’s Polish side. We all get our gifts from God, and no other place.

The first time I really remember using my abilities was when I was about 10- we were lost on a trip to visit relatives who had bought a new house and farm in a different state. I was able to navigate our way to the relative’s house, and once there knew where everything was, even down to the silverware drawer! Deja vu, indeed!