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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I read about the recent psychic on TodayTonight?

There was a story about a woman psychic a few days ago. The one where other psychics turn to her and her predicting things about Rudd and Obama. I can’t seem to find it. Help? 😀

Answer by Grant W
If it’s Sylvia Browne don’t waste your time. That woman has a proven track record of being wrong on her predictions. In my opinion, she’s an outright fraud like the majority of high-profile “psychics.”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What psychic had a lot of correct predictions?

I am writing a paper about psychics…i have to pick one and i am having trouble with it…we cant use God,Jesus, or Nostradamus
Its has to be on Psychics =/ Also the whole it cant be on got or jesus is stated b/c i kep being told to write about god jesus or the bible and we were told not to.

Answer by wohoozit
Firstly, G-d is not a “psychic” He is the Creator of the heavens and earth,you and me.Jesus is His Son.Secondly you have to write a paper on a scam artist? Seems very funny to me.I use to be a psychic (I was a professional online psychic 5 star rated for over 3 years) and I am telling you if you have a better subject matter to do a report on DO IT INSTEAD.ALL psychics are LIARS.There’s no “correct predictions” psychic with enough PROOF to back that claim up!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Jimmy
The Psychic Twins.

Answer by Christopher Putman
Edgar Cayce. Early 20th century Midwest.

Answer by Spod
No “psychic” has ever had lots of correct predictions.

Some people have made a big deal about the very vague claims made by psychics such as Sylvia Browne, John Edward, or Allison Dubois, but they’re only fooling themselves and being fooled by the psychics.

Here is a great site about Sylvia Browne:
It will help you understand the tactics that psychics use to mislead the gullible.

Answer by 75th Ranger
The Oracle of Delphi was NOT a psychic, that’s for sure. Try reading into Nostradamus’ teachings. He may not be 100%, but some interesting things pop up.

Answer by Alex and Co.
The Orcale Delphi from Greek Myths gave out prophecies that were never wrong

Answer by Elizabeth Griffith
Try cassandra of the greeks

if you can find stuff on her.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Edgar Cayce

Answer by susan
I would say Edgar Cayce as well. He was in VA Beach and the website is He gave over 14,000 Readings, all of which were written down and many of which were and continue to be researched, particularly those in the medical field. They are all available online.

The thing to remember about predictions is that they are based on how things are at the time of the prediction. For instance if you “know” your friend will have a tire blow out next week, and make sure s/he gets it fixed, then the blow out will not happen. On a larger scale, there are many variables that can change the outcome predicted at a particular moment.

If you can get a recording of A&E’s show, Psychic Kids: Their Sixth Sense, you will find good info on there. Children of the Paranormal was edited beyond any correlation to what happened, so not a good reference.

You have chosen a BIG topic!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any predictions from Nostradamus that came true for 2012 yet?

Are there any predictions that came true so far for 2012?? Like things that are happening now?

Answer by Josh
I don’t think any of Nostradamus’ predictions have come true. People tend to find a quatrain and fit circumstances to it and claim a prediction. Remember he was so afraid of being burned as a wizard that he deliberately made his quatrains confusing, obscure and having several meanings. I assume by mentioning 2012 you are assuming that the world will end then as per the hysteria surrounding the Mayan calender. Believe me it’s all a load of tosh.

Answer by Jared
I was unaware that Nostradamus predicted anything whatsoever???

So no, there aren’t any.

Answer by Bill
Nostradamus is a joke. Have you actually read his book?
there are NO dates in it.

Answer by SpartanCanuck
Not really. The closest Nostradamus ever came to making a specific prediction which came true was in predicting that a war which was raging in his lifetime would end in truce. This ranks as a “trivial prophecy” and a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. The rest are what are referred to as “vague prophecy”, which are so open-ended they can be applied to a great variety of situations, and his fans freely do. Then there are ones which look eerily specific but turn out to be invented by Nostradamus fans after the fact, or at the very least heavily modified by mistranslation from their original form.

Answer by Faesson
Nostrildumbass’s fanboys claim that he predicted World War Three… starting in 1999. I don’t read the papers much, so I might have missed that one. They also claim that he said California would slide into the ocean… in 1986. Californians must be good swimmers. They said that he predicted Kennedy’s run for President and victory, too… TED Kennedy… in 1988.

Nobody can see the future. If this doesn’t seem obvious to you, try to recall all the times you saw this headline, “Psychic Wins Lottery!”.

Answer by Super Saiyan Swagger
Its all bull

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Psychic Medium Jessica Caracciolo Predicts California Earthquake 2013 and More

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