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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where Can I Read “IT” by Stephen King for free online?

Where Can I Read “IT” by Stephen King for free online??
Is there a site or something??

Answer by ∫∞M®S.W,ß∞∫
Try Spark

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Answer by LJ K
Stephen King has a site, and you can check out this book there, but there is no legal site at which you can read any books still under copyright, as King’s books are. This book is not one he has offered online for free. Through this link, you’ll see ‘Library’ toward the left and from there click on ‘Novels’ and from there scroll down to ‘It’ and click on that. You’ll see that an audio download is also offered (along with traditional books), but it will cost. Even Stephen King still must make a living, and writing is how he does so.

However you can call the largest public library in your area and ask it they offer downloads, ask if they have a download of ‘It’ there, ask what the fee might be on your library card, which it’s best if you have ready in case your library offers this convenience. I have read that many libraries do this now. Mine doesn’t so I can’t tell you what is involved, though of course your librarian can.
Good luck with that.

Answer by caring carer
LKJ is right there are no legal sites to read IT. I’d have a look on

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best site for reading free classics online?

If I search to read a book online, like The Great Gatsby, its easy enough to find a lot of free sites, but I am looking for the best – which is the most pleasant to read, isn’t filled with tons of ads that interefere with the text, make the books easy to find, etc.


Answer by Books: Where the magic happens
I would say Wikisource. I find most classics on there and everything is free. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to read The Great Gatsby on there though. It is only in the public domain in Canada. Any classic over 100 years old should be in the public domain in the US.

Answer by michele

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : could i read archie books for free online?

could i read archie books for free online?

Answer by ~Konoha ANBU~
These are awesome sites for Archie~
[[scroll to the bottom for the different Archie comics]]

You can read or download them here~

Hope this helps you x3

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