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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i read the Judith Mcnaught novels free online?

what site can i go to in order to read the Judith Mcnaught novels free online?

Answer by Hot Rod Girl
donno but if u dont wanna pay -try the library

Answer by Rita T
The Gutenberg Project has tens of thousands of books available for free download in pdf

If, by chance, there is something you can’t find there… then one of my English professors gave me this site, which is basically the same thing and was put together by the University of Pennsylvania:…

All copyrighted material is illegal to download. Here are some sites that have non-copywrited material for reading:……

But I would try the Gutenberg Project first. I think their collection is more extensive.

Answer by Maryn Bittner
The book you’re asking about is still protected by copyright, and will be for 70 years after McNaught dies. You won’t find it free online legally.

Once in a while, an author will choose to put a book online for free, but that’s *extremely* rare because it ends all possible income from sales of that book. With a very few exceptions, most authors simply can’t afford to give away the product of their work.

This is their livelihood. They have bills to pay, the same as anybody else. Please don’t steal from them.

If you can’t afford the book, then get it from the library. If your library doesn’t have it, ask about inter-library loans, which are often free or very inexpensive.

Answer by Erin M
Try this link – this is where I find all of my books

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know any website that has free online books for teenage girls?

Do you know any website that has free online books for teenage girls?

I’ve been looking for some kind of website that has free online books about teenage girls (I mean for teenage girls kinda books.)

Anything you know would be useful.
Thanks in Advance.

Answer by Lady Lynx
Well, Jane Austen books tend to be good. You can probably find those on the Gutenburg Project website. It’s free, and legal.

Answer by Paul L
Are romance books close enough?

Answer by redunicorn
Any classics would be great. Gutenberg is best for that. 27,000+ and counting.

However authors write books to make money. Respect that. Books written 1923 and on are under copyright protection. It is illegal to read them online unless the author gives permission. Most don’t because they feel it cuts sales.

Here is what Meg Cabot has to say about epiracy.

“But what about the many hard-working people who edited, copy-edited, copy-set, printed, designed, publicized, and did whatever else was necessary to get that book into print? The publishing industry is in big trouble right now, just like all those other industries we hear about on TV every night during the evening news…only no one is bailing the publishing industry out.

So publishers are having to lay people off, shut down whole divisions, and cancel book contracts. Projects some of us have been working on are being “post-poned indefinitely.” One of my best friends just got laid off from her job last week. And of course, bookstores all over the country are having to shut down due to flagging sales.

This is just wrong.”

Answer by Lakely
Legal, in copyright e-books here:

There are quite a number there for teens.

Answer by singing_star
is an authors website that has the first 2 chapters of her book. if you look at that, and leave a comment on her website, she might send you the rest. It’s a great story! highly recommended. It’s one of my most favorite stories ever. So please, check it out!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i read free online scary stories to tell in the dark by Alvin Schwartz?

where can i read free online scary stories to tell in the dark by Alvin Schwartz. Or any of those books that have a trilogy, for example where can i read More Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark, and Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones.

Where can i read them online?

Please help me


Answer by Oracle.
Free e-books.

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