Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I talk to someone about being psychic?

I don’t really want to go on. I keep being psychic or however it’s spelled. WHen I was little I didn’t believe in that sort of thing. I don’t believe in evil or good, it’s all equal to me. I don’t really know what to do I need to tell someone it is really bothering me now. It’s adding up everytime and I need to talk to someone.
You’re name is Molly and you are about early 20’s

Answer by Molly_Ragdoll
Let’s test you abilities first. What’s my name and age?

Answer by snipe
Pick some good lottery numbers and send them to me please.
Just kidding, I don’t believe in that sort of thing but I’m sure you knew I was going to post this.

Answer by MissBMoon
Even though I believe you I don’t know how to help you… everything I know I have been learning for my experiences… but then again, I don’t know in what “psychic” area are you :S


Answer by Archer
Being “psychic is the ability to perceive or understand what others are unable to perceive or understand.
The ability is neither good or bad in itself but what you produce with the ability will generate either negative or positive energy. One must remember that you “reap what you sew”!
We all have some abilities but some have a stronger ability. The difficult thing besides learning how to use our ability is learning to “live” with it. Not all can “turn it off” at will. Some actually need to work to find it.
If you are interested in your ability then do some research to find out more about yourself and what you may be able to do. Go slowly and remember it is a gift although you may not be comfortable with it or even want it. You may even learn to turn it off at will. Good luck!.

Answer by Secret Agent of God (BWR)
Try talking to one of the psychics at

Answer by Tech
if it is brothering you then that is not good right? So you in other words you do believe in good and evil because nothing would brother you if “it’s all equal to me” was really real to you.
u need to talk to your father

Answer by confused
If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a psychic fair in your area. That’s a good place to start. I went to one this past summer and was amazed at how many resources there were in the area.

In the meantime, if you want to work on focusing your gift, this is the info I got:

Take a half an hour a day to do something creative – writing, painting, whatever you’re into.
Breathing exercises periodically through the day, I believe it was called circular breathing.
Check out optical illusions, work on being able to see them in different ways (some I can think of – spinning lady, rabbit/duck).

These things are all supposed to exercise the part of your mind that is in charge of the intuition.

Then, you can play psychic games to practice your gift. Take a deck of cards, shuffle it, and turn the cards over one at a time. Try to see (or feel or hear, however it works for you) what the color will be, the suit, the number. If you get a feeling about someone, maybe a friend or a classmate, when you’re confident enough to say something, you can bring it up by asking, “Is it possible that…” and see how often you’re right.

Hope this helps.

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ive found a new psychic forum, discussion group

tarot. spirituality. readings. spiritual healing. meditation. psi balls. hypnotherapy. dreams. astrology. auras. chakras. spirit guides. philosophy. pendulums. downloads. blogs. & probably more

it was a yahoo group that i once went to that has moved & looks better & its FREE


opps sorry forgot link lol

Answer by Paul S, Bullfighter
Wow! A place on the internet where you can talk about psychic phenomena? What a rare gem you’ve found!

Hey, do you know if there’s anywhere on the internet where a guy could talk about conspiracy theories? Or politics? That’d be sweet!
“opps sorry forgot link lol”

No problem. I just intuited it. Wow, look at all that wisdom there.

Answer by Pangel ((((((HUGS))))))
ermm …
I am happy for you then

my friend has just started her own psychic chat site , so I am quite happy there for now though
I prefer real time chat to forums personally
( except R&S of course lol )

Answer by Phoenix M mm π
Advertising is not a question.

There are plenty of such forums out there.

Answer by ind-a-go
Hi Pam,

If you are keen to build your psychic web presence further, you could read my recommendations for Psychic Webmasters. And you will soon be building your psychic website into paranormal proportions.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I find a real psychic?

I would like you find a psychic that is very accurate. Can anyone help me?

Answer by aaron
You don’t. They don’t exist. Sorry

Answer by Kai_Ro
You can’t because psychics arn’t real. Not
one has
proven himself.

Answer by David
Psychics are 100% bullshit. Even so called “prophets” like Nostradamus are fake.

Answer by Detective Anderson
First, don’t listen to them. Almost all REAL psychis just don’t show themselves, and almost all the FAKE psychics show themselves to get money.
it’s bullshit, I know.

Answer by susan
Talk to other people who have visited psychics and see what they say. Also, remember some people can read you better than others.

Another way is to look in the phone book or online and see which name “jumps” out at you or gets your attention first. This way uses your own intuition!

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Psychic Parasite – Talk Dirty [Force Inc 1993]


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