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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where could I get a free psychic reading ?

Answer by lisa

Answer by babygirl
right here ….
god is saying to you….pick up the cross and follow me….
god also is saying…..BEWARE

Answer by Rev. Sarah
Yes, be careful. Free means free, and may be free of value as well as free of charges.

Psychic readings are only as good as your own open mind, combined with the skill of the reader, and the lack of prejudice and bias on the part of both.

Answer by prince_2b_princess
right here .

Answer by RaeMarie
God doesn’t like it if you try to get supernatural answers from another source other than God. If it’s not from God then it’s from Satan and his demons. It’s very dangerous to fool around with psychic readings. You shouldn’t risk it. You’ll regret it.

Answer by Jimbo
Get a telephone book and flip through the pages with your eyes closed and at some point stop. Take your index finger, that’s the one you get caught at the traffic light having it up your nose, and put it down on a page. Open your eyes. The first name you see nearest your finger, call that number and ask them to give you a psychic reading over the phone. They will be just as accurate with your reading as Madame Zelda or whoever, that charges hundreds of dollars for a reading. And I’m sure they won’t charge you one single dime.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need help trying to find a TRUE free psychic reading. Anybody know anything.?

I’m usually skeptical about psychic reading because they usual maybe fake. But I am in a confusing moment in my life. In a brief description. I am an aspiring singer but it seems like nothing is happening at this time. It seems like there are many factors telling me its the wrong thing to do. Is there anyone that can help me? Can anybody tell me a free reading?

Answer by Phillip
Seriously – Psychics are frauds, every one. There is no such thing as psychic ability. (Anybody who claims there is – I can help you win $ 1 million if you can demonstrate it beyond a reasonable doubt..)

Answer by Mystic
Phillip please… what you know Randi personally. A washed up magician who couldn’t make it as a magician so got on this band wagon. Do you know what those test compromise of? Do you really understand psychic energy? Of course not, because if you did you would not be stating what you did.

As for your question, well you are skeptical, and so if you don’t hear what you want to hear you will not be happy. Careful about free, seldom are these things free, or that free could mess you up more. See a therapist, since you are skeptical about psychics. Often they are not free either.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a free psychic reading?

Answer by PsiTips
I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations about how to find free psychics.

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