Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where do i find free psychic chat?

where do i find free psychic chat?

Answer by M
For a free read or question only

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What percent of kids and people in the world have psychic abilities?

Now please read ALL of this before answering. I want to know multiple things but i can’t find it anywhere on the internet, that is not made up. What percentage of kids\teens have psychic abilities in america, What percentage of people in america believe in having psychic abilities, and what percentage of people in america DON’T believe in psychic abilities..? And what percent of people in America have psychic abilities. I know it’s a lot but i REALLY wanna know.

Answer by Radioactive Raven

Answer by Edward
The percentage of people in the world with psychic powers is 0%.

Answer by Fireball
1% believe it…most of us know its a crock…

Answer by Dalek
You’ll never find out anything like that.

However I believe it to be 0%.

Answer by Sjnoring Vjerilood
Many believe it, none have it.
I don’t know the percentages.

Answer by Today’s religion is tomorrow’s mythology.
The question that you should be asking is, “DO psychic abilities EXIST?”

Answer by Kevin
ok truth is that 100% of people out there have psychic abilities. But probably only like 10% have unlocked at least one of them.
im not sure but id say about 90% of people dont believe it is real and the other 10% of people are the ones with open minds and can actually do them.
See thing is everybody has em, but everybody just locks them away, by telling themselves that its not real, and not possible.

Answer by Mike
kids- 0.44%
Believe- 26.32%
Not believe-61.007%

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i find a good free psychic?

where can i find a good free psychic to ask a question?

Answer by amazingk30
There is no such thing as a good psychic

Answer by asgspifs
Also, there is probably no such thing as a free psychic, because anyone who was good enough at tricking people into thinking psychic powers were real, would charge you for it.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
Right here on Yahoo are more then a few. If my friend Witchy sees this she may consent to giving you a free reading..

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