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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which self publishing company do you recommend for my manuscript?

I have a manuscript which I would want published. The theme is about religion as well as spiritual. I need to know if I can trust these online self-publishing companies. Or please recommend one from your experience. Thanks.

Answer by James
You can’t trust any of them. They’re interested in your money, not in selling books to anyone other than you. They got the name “vanity press” for a reason.

Go to a bookstore. Find books similar to yours on the shelf. Find out who published them. Get those publishers’ guidelines and follow those guidelines to the letter.

Meanwhile, write a new, different, and better book.

Answer by Michael_J_Caboose
“The theme is about spiritual”???????
Dude, you might want to invest in grammar before submitting a manuscript…

Answer by Dan
–Dan Poynter, Book Futurist.

Writers are confused and it’s not their fault. In searching for the best way to break into print, they come across self-described “self-publishing companies”. I get emails asking if I can self-publish for writers. That is impossible!

The problem is that many vanity publishers are calling themselves “self-publishing companies” to make their companies appear legitimate.

We have been building name recognition for self-publishing for more than 35 years; there are more than 85,000 of us in the U.S. Self-publishers, write, publish and promote their own books.

According to Wikipedia, Self-Publishing is the publishing of books and other media by the authors of those works, rather than by established, third-party publishers.The only “self-publishing company” is you—by definition. If you contract with a publisher, your book is not SELF-published.

Now that people know what self-publishing is, we find we have to re-educate the public to the fact that we are the real self-publishers and the other DotCom digital publishers are really just vanity publishers masquerading as us. They are trading on the good reputation we have built.

On the other hand, there are digital printing companies. Most provide excellent prices, service and quality. They should refer to themselves as “book printers.”

For information on the choices for breaking into print, get the f-r-e-e Information Kit #2 on Publishing at

Let’s respect historical and common definitions. These publishers are “vanity” or “subsidy” presses.
Let’s demand they stop confusing people new to the book trade.

–Dan Poynter, Book Futurist.

Authors and publishers have been contacted lately by organizations offering “self-publishing services.” They employ “boiler rooms” of sales people making relentless calls. They wear you down and are hard to resist.

Be very careful.

Some of these companies have tarnished records with a lot of unhappy customers. Several authors have complained to the Better Business Bureau and some companies have been sued.

When people are victims of scams, they often report the incidents on the Internet. Before doing business with POD publishers or any other person or company that wants your money, make a Google search for:

(That company name) + Scam
(That company name) + Fraud
(That company name) + Rip-off
(That company name) + “Better Business Bureau”

Read the reports and be advised.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : To all Egyptians : How do you feel about the continuous ascent of the fundamentalist Islamic parties in Egypt?

not only politically.also the increasingly Islamic fundamentalism in the media.Egypt didn’t use to be like this we used to be more secular.
doesn’t this bring bad thoughts an memories of the early 90’s or what?

Answer by Schö is on Pot!
hmm, I haven’t noticed that.

Answer by My computer… has trojan 🙁
Give a link or Go home !

Your question is more hypothetical than being anything else.

Hey… just a minute … I remember you, aren’t you an israeli ?

Answer by AA
Why do you only ever come to this section to cause trouble- ?

THE WORLD IS NOT ABOUT YOUR SELFISHNESS! Take the lesson from me that your mother should have told you BEHAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by teeto
democracy .

Answer by Isadora
I feel insecure , I ‘ve just joined a secular political party to counter act the increasing fundmentalist Islamic parties and guess what I found many people thinking like me , it was the first time in my life to feel popular and happy , the first time in my life to break my fear.
I started making a new type of friends ; atheist friends , agnostic friends and spiritual friends , but we all share the same thing that we love Egypt.

besides I find your question valid , I don’t know why the others attacked you this uncivilized way , I will mail you up with the names of other categories where you can get respected answers more than here.
Send me your facebook on my mail and come to join us , we are gathering and getting stronger , we have great writers among us now with their accounts and their mails.
If you know other secular or agnostic or atheist or spiritual or whatever , send me his facebook account on my mail and I will invite him to join us and emerge in between us, Stop questioning and answering here , as you will get nothing but troubles , and come people who will appreciate your mind and your talents.

P.S :
for the question asker , excuse me , I linked your question on another category where another type of answerers will come and contribute to your question or at least they will watch the attitude of the users here .
I will send you the link on your mail as some “civilized” users here reported my questions about al azher university and my answers and called me names when they cannot argue with me a valid arguement. , so I cannot show it here.

Answer by Rastakhiz
it is a result of american unpopularity

Answer by ★ ॐ ★
i feel good about it 🙂

ofcourse i don’t know what you’re talking about but i feel good about it anyways 🙂


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How much would humanitarian interest and effort change if the US left Iraq?

I base this question on the notion that US involvement in global matters seems to increase interest in them, so, whatever the security implications could be, I wonder how much media coverage would change if the US left. If it decreases, which I lean toward believing it would, would that also lessen the affect on the public, thereby reducing their activism and donation on behalf of the Iraqi people? By how much, if at all, would this happen?

Answer by Emmanuel M
If America leave Iraq, it will be better for the natives of that country and for American people, there wont be any more dead Americans ,and people will be happy for the withdrawal of American troops

Answer by koalatcomics
liberals never seem to get this point for some odd reason….its not just iraq, its AL QAEDA. if the us is viewed as cowards and people incapable of living up to their commitments as the pelos/reid regime want them to do, then the damage to humanitarian efforts of the us will be incalculable. foriegn countries will wonder with good cause if we will EVER be able to complete or fufill the projects we propose world wide. well never be looked at in the same way again regardless of what we try to do.

Answer by cunningncharisma
There would be a tremendous amount of humanitarian interest if the US left Iraq right away. There would be a civil war with Iranian intervention resulting in a big demand for emergency humanitarian assistance. There could also be a lot of refugees that would need immediate assistance.

Answer by swampy
If we leave Iraq and the news is bad it will be reported continuously to damage politicians who supported the war. Just as good news in Iraq is ignored now. This will not change. Most of our major media sources have a liberal agenda and they will do whatever advances that agenda.

Answer by Jayne says READ MORE BOOKS
“I base this question on the notion that US involvement in global matters seems to increase interest in them”

Not necessarily. I live in Germany, and what is deemed important here in terms of international affairs, countries in crisis, etc., is often NOT what the USA is chiefly concerned with.

“how much media coverage would change if the US left.”

How much AMERICAN coverage would change? A lot, because if there aren’t USA troops there, the USA-based media isn’t going to focus any attention on such (although they barely report on Afghanistan, and there are still many USA troops there — as well as many USA nonprofits and USA civilians working to rebuild Afghanistan — unlike Iraq). Interesting to note that USA civilians, particularly women, were engaged in a great deal of activism on behalf of women in Afghanistan long, long before September 11, 2001 and long before the USA government or US media “cared” at all about the country.

Al Queda had NO influence in Iraq before the USA invasion of the country, and they were only too happy to step into the power vacuum and instability caused by the invasion. The hatred between Al Queda and the other factions in Iraq (the Shia in particular) is virulent, and if the USA were to pull out, the Shia militias would be only too happy to throw Al Queda out of the country (along with most basic human rights, particularly for women, but I digress…). Which is why Saudi Arabia and other Sunni-dominated countries do NOT want the USA to pull out. Iran claims it wants the USA out of Iraq, but as the country’s immediate neighbor and spiritual sibling (Iran is primarily Shia), I don’t think they are *really* ready to assume any sort of meaningful, long-term humanitarian responsibility for the country.

So, yes, the USA citizens/civilians might not give much to Iraq as it faded from the news, but the attention of other countries would, no doubt, turn on it further (IMO, they already seem much more concerned about it than most Americans I know, sad to say).

Written by SuperPsychic

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