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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who are the super psychic children of china?

I always hear people talking about super psychic children of china
but i have never seen them
is there a video of them?

Answer by susan
The Chinese call this Exceptional Human Functions. They have been identifying children since 1979 through the National Science Council and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Beginning in 1981, the Chinese began special programs for identified children. They were trained by the head of China’s National Defense Science Commission, with the more advanced children (when they became young adults) being a part of military research and other areas. They had identified over 100,000 children as of 2004.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can a psychic please help me find my lost video games?

i’m suddenly missing grand theft auto 4, halo 3, madden 09, smackdown vs raw 2009, and mortal kombat vs dc universe. they all got lost on the same day. they really just suddenly vanished and i looked everywhere for them.
lol. no… no their not. they were on my tv last.
yeah they went missing when i had three friends over but i have known them forever and they never stole and they have all the games that are missing.,
i dont have a trunk, garage, or a two story house
or an ironing board

Answer by Nurse Sarah
They are where you left them last.

Answer by Magical Ninja Koala
It’s a sign . . . you should read more books.

Answer by tattooed.faery
Someone stole them, ask your sketchy friends…

Answer by Jen L
They are somewhere that you have not found them at.

Answer by Teenage Jesus Freak
find it like i did with mine: franticaly throwing everything everywhere screaming “WHERE ARE YOU!? WHERE ARE YOU!?” in German until you find them

perfectly normal ^^

Answer by luckey4u236
Your father took them to the pawn shop, look there.

Answer by Johnny Y
Are you sure you didn’t have a friend over who could have stolen it? Or maybe your parents moved them to another spot while you weren’t looking?

Try cleaning up a bit around the house. You’ll find it eventually.

Answer by Gypsy
Your best friend has them at his house.

Answer by morpheus8250
No. Get off your backside and go and look for them. Start with the last place you saw them. Search room by room. Be methodical.

That’s going to be far more productive that expecting a psychic to give you a free reading!

Answer by Curiosity/Satisfaction
Ask your Parents
Ask your friends
Ask your siblings
Follow your Dog

Or it’s those darn tricky trolls again

Answer by Natasha Midnight Oooh!
Yes look inside your video player.

Answer by Starshines72
They are exactly where you are not looking.

Answer by ToolGirl5-Is a little devil.. ­čśë
Never trust anyone,no matter how long you have known them..

Answer by Super Atheist
No, they’re all too busy queueing up at the James Randi Foundation to get a million dollars for demonstrating their powers.

Answer by Ravencalls
they are under that box by the trunk next to the ironing board in the closet close to the downstairs doorway into the backyard and the garage.

Answer by Simply Bri.
check your pocket.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why can’t they get those psychics, who appear on psychic detectives to find Osama Bin Laden?

Perhaps Osama BinLaden was killed by Americans in Afganistan but they are keeping that a secret and they figured out how to make old videos of him appear new. After he died he was cremated and they spread his ashes all over Afganistan to throw people of the trail.

Answer by Edgar Greenberg
Or perhaps Osama has a 7 gigavolt, quantum hyperbolic physic trans-wave dampener. He’s rich. He can afford the best protection. It completely cloaks your biofield and dampens your aura to negligible levels.

Or possibly those psychics on psychic detectives are phonies.

Answer by sweetsummertime_21
Perhaps physics arent real. If physics were real, I think they would help us with more then what our dead pets and family memebers what to tell us. Dont you think they would want to better mankind? I think so!

Answer by psiexploration
Since President Bush has publicly stated that finding Bin Laden is not a priority it is doubtful that the government would even respond if they had conventional information on his location. I say he is safe in Saudi Arabia with his family and the U.S.’s full knowledge but I’m no psychic.

How besides military action would we confirm the psychic information on his location? Perhaps Bin Laden will come forward and say which psychic is correct about his location. Perhaps psychics don’t wish to be detained for an undetermined amount of time without bail because they have information that only a terrorist could know.

Answer by RC1138
I’d say because their minds aren’t strong enuf? lol
I meant u’d have to be like SUPER DUPER smart? and brains needs to be always at 100%? …(JEDI POWERS!!!!)

Answer by KennyB
It’s simple – they don’t know. And they don’t know because psychic abilities do not exist. Period.

Answer by Tikled_Ivory
How do we know they haven’t? It’s highly unlikly that the government is going to announce publically the use of psychics. We might very well know where Osama is, but getting to him is the hard part, or it’s just not a priority at this point.

Answer by zanti3
Well, if psychics really could see the future, they wouldn’t need customers. They could earn a very nice living by occasionally going to the race track and picking some winning horses.

Second, it doesn’t make sense how all these psychic hotlines keep going out of business. If they were psychic, wouldn’t they have seen it coming?

Answer by mountainman
Bin Laden has been in US custody for years.At a politically expedient time,his body will be produced

Answer by wushuboy001
Thats a completely rediculous scenerio…….
Osama Bin Laden didn’t get where he is today by accident, he is a very powerful and ancient warlock. He can’t be killed by mortal weapons, nor detected by psychics.
Sylvia Browne herself said “Every time I think I have locked onto Bin Laden, I feel sharp pains in my liver”
Sharp pains in the liver is an old warlock trick.
What people aren’t realizing is that Bin Laden has been heating up the atmostphere slowly causing global warming. If we don’t find a way to kill him in the next 200 years, our world is doomed.

Answer by sephoramoon
I think the U.S gov has him in custody in some bunker. He makes those videos every once in awhile to freak out the U.S public…who knows…certainly the so-called psychics don’t.

Answer by ashley
First off, who is Osama BinLaden? And maybe he killed himself. And maybe there is no one in Afganistan who believes in psychics and even the people that are, are afraid to show it. Maybe it’s illegal to as they might say “pretend” to be a psychics or they will be killed. I believe in them. I really hope this helps you.

Answer by Am
Maybe psychics are more concerned about murders & missing children then they are over war related things.

Answer by Peter D
First of all, no police department has ever gone on the record admitting a psychic has provided any helpful evidence. Secondly, many police departments have gone on the record to say they have never used a psychic of any kind. (This is in direct reference to the woman the TV show is based on. Her claims are nonsense.) Thirdly, if a psychic is used it’s at the request of the family. The police humor such a request because they understand the desperation. Even after a psychic has “worked” the case, the best they have been able to do is to make high-probability or shotgun claims like “I see trees and water” or “There is rope involved”. All such “clues” are inactionable. In other words, psychics are useless when it comes to finding people or fighting crime.

Answer by Goagula
Osama’s an alien who can block psychic attacks and control people’s minds that’s why his “warriors” are increasing in numbers everyday.

Answer by J V
I have been UNreliably informed by two very strange people I know that the reason no psychic, spirit guide, angel, demon, or curse, can find Bin Laden, is cos in the psychic or astral realms, there’s a queque so long, outside Osama’s hiding place, that the entities in it have all started fighting with each other or given up and left the area!

Answer by ais
i always thought the psychic detectives on the tv shows only found the dead bodies of victims by communicating with the dead persons spirit, especially those that want to be found? i mean, maybe they can’t find him bacause he’s not dead(if he’s not dead) and there no spirit to communicate with…

i dunno.. but that’s just if psychics and all really are real…

Answer by belladonnasmoon
because if the psychics clairvoyants and mediums are right……mankind’s history would be shattered,because the arrogant fools who have been causing world chaos,misery,and lost of life,would have to look themselves in the mirror and realize,GOD never once asked them to do anything in his name,….and the governments idea of protecting us is keeping us stupid to what there really doing. psychics,and mediums,clairvoyants,would know what was up before they could do anything…..and Lord knows they’re games and there pockets would be as empty as the commoner,and that will never happen! Blessed be

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“Psychic Twins” 2012 Psychic Predictions Podcast


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.