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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : who is a good reliable psychic reader in orlando or cassadega?

Have 3-4 friends needing accurate readings from psychic looking to connect with recently departed loved one.

Answer by gcason
I’m sorry to tell you that there is no such thing as psychics in Orlando, Cassadega, or anywhere else. Psychics are either deluded or they are scammers.

Answer by Angela
Psychics are able to connect to the energy of the person they are reading for from anywhere in the world, no matter how far they are. Therefore, it is not necessary to find someone local as most powerful genuine psychics typically have clients all over the world that they read for and advise. Just make sure that you do the research and find someone who is real. Unfortunately, there are many who are “scammers”. However, there are many who are very gifted with psychic abilities in many different areas and will be able to help. Hope that helps!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had an accurate psychic reading?

I’m really curious. I’m not really a skeptic, but I’ve never heard of someone (at least someone I know of) going to a psychic and getting their future told. I know there are a lot of fakes out there who ruin the credibility of people who actually have real talent, so I’m curious to know how many people have received legitimate readings.

Answer by John Mandella
No I haven’t. Usually a psychic will throw a bunch of generalized things out there then when you pick up on one feed off of it. Almost all of them are phonies and the chances at finding the real deal (if they exist) is practically nill.

Answer by Kume.kun
I have.
I went to the doctors 6 months ago, because I had horrible pain in my left side. They did an ultrasound, and they saw nothing. Catscan, still nothing. MRI, still nothing. They told me it was all in my head. I knew it wasn’t.

2 month ago, I went to a psychic, and I asked her if my aunt had passed on happily, or if she was upset in any way when she died. The psychic stared at me for a good five minuets, and she said, “All she keeps saying is, get another Catscan, you have a tennis match on the 30th.” And I was like.. WTFFFFFFF and left really quick cause that weirded me out.

The 29th of that month, I demanded to get another catscan, because it hurt so much, and I knew there was something wrong, they let me, but every doctor kept trying to talk me out of it because it was too much radiation.

The 30th they called me back saying there was a tennis ball sized tumor on my ovary. If I’d waited any longer I’d prolly have died. Now I’m all happy and healthy.

Answer by Alexface
No. But even if I did receive an accurate one, that wouldn’t be proof that they’re reliable. It would most likely be coincidence.

Answer by mothergoose1947
Psychic Reading Tricks
Psychic readings involve a series of techniques used by psychics, mentalists and mediums to determine and relay information about a subject. A practiced “psychic” can obtain information about the reading subject simply by analyzing their age, gender, religion, race, manner of speech, clothing, mannerisms, etc. Combining this information with high-probability guesses, the reader provides information to the subject and watches their reaction to determine if those guesses are accurate. The reading continues with the psychic emphasizing and reinforcing any chance connections the subjects acknowledge to be true and moving quickly past the inaccurate guesses.
Cold Reading
•Before beginning, the reader will study the subject’s appearance and movement. Generally, the older the person, the more likely the psychic is to touch accurately on family deaths and children. With younger subjects, the focus would more likely be personal and parental issues. Well-dressed subjects will likely not be as concerned about money. The next step is to attempt to establish a spirit of cooperation between the reader and the subject by saying something like: “Sometimes things come through a bit hazy; these things may mean more to you than to me. With your help, we can learn some new things about you together.” The reader then continues with probing statements or questions and waits for the subject to provide further information with their replies and body language. Nodding or rapidly changing posture may indicate agreement with what the reader is saying. A critical element for a good cold reading is the subject’s eagerness to make a psychic connection or to interpret vague statements into accurate predictions or intuitions.
Warm Reading
•Warm reading is much more devious and frequently is used as a performance tool used by professional mentalists, television psychics and scam artists. Well-known guests are researched in advance. Other guests are greeted by associates before the show, who provide information on them. Information cards disguised as “prayer cards” are used to obtain specific information about audience members. Microphones and transmitters have also been known to be planted in the audience seating area during live psychic shows. The obtained information is then fed to the reader via an earpiece.
•Shotgunning, named for firing a cluster of small projectiles in the hope that at least one shot will strike a target, is another commonly used method of performance mediums and psychics. The reader provides a large quantity of general information directed to the entire audience and observes the reactions of individuals to narrow the possible target and develop the situation to fit someone who seems to be reacting emotionally. Shotgunning may include a series of vague statements along the lines of: “I see a heart problem with a mother-figure in your family, a mother, stepmother, grandmother, aunt … I am definitely picking up on chest pain here for a mother figure in your family.” A large percentage of people in the room will have lost an older female at some point in their life.
Use a Gimmick
•Use of gimmicks such as palm-reading, tarot cards, tea leaves or crystal balls will serve a dual purpose: atmosphere and timing. Instead of just gazing off into space and thinking of something to say, the reader can buy time to think of the next series of questions and statements while intently studying tarot cards or other items. Holding the hands of the subject may seem like an attempt to establish a connection with them, when in fact it is merely helping the reader to feel the subject’s physical reactions to certain statements.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone recommend a good psychic in NYC?

Can u also tell me how accurate that psychic is?

Answer by Lester G
Psychics are all charlatans. No one has psychic ability. Therefore they’re all equally accurate, which is to say not at all.

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