Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who is the best, most well known and ACCURATE PSYCHIC in the world?

I am wondering who might be the MOST astonishingly correct “super-psychic” out there. If anyone could give me some names and contact info, that would be great. If you could also tell me how you found out about them, or if you have had any personal experiences with them as well, that would be wonderful! Thanks!!!

Answer by arianaluvsinuyasha
me bitch!!!!!!

Answer by melissa
Slyvia Brown?…(gah couldn’t spell her first name right >_<)

Answer by free4all
I would say, that would have to be JESUS. People for centuries have been making comparisons of his predictions to modern day occurances.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever had a psychic reading with jill dahne?

I was wondering if anyone had a reading with jill or micki dahne? If so, I was wondering how accurate they were or if you were impressed.

Answer by Piers C.
No. My aunt is really into these psychic stuff, she says don’t trust online reading, go for those you can meet in person.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had a psychic reading before?

If so how did you find it? Was the psychic accurate or fake?

Answer by ~Doc~
I did . It was not that good.

Answer by Natalie♥
No but i want one 🙂

Answer by slave2luv_xxx
Yes,she taped the session,I’ll have to try to dig it out and have a listen to it,I can’t recall what she said right now,lol…xxx

Answer by the man
i found out that i was going to go home and watch tv and sit my arse
(my wife is the psychic) SCAREY

Answer by St Darling: Suspended
A co-worker had a tarot reading, there is a store called The Oracle of Sassafras up the street. She claims the reader was accurate and knew alot about her, and had a “spirit guide” who she speaks to and gets her info from.

Answer by mrs_G
No, I don’t believe in them.
From what I’ve heard, they just give such vague stories that you can read anything into it.

Think about it–if they were real, do you think they’d need to do that for a living, or would they have gotten rich from the stock market or lottery?

Answer by pinhead
yes, 40 years ago, nothing come true,

Answer by Alicia
I do my own, through tarot and dreams, mostly. They are quite accurate.

Answer by baffled
The last psychic ,I saw, laughed so much when I told her my troubles..that I hit her…..I was charged with striking a happy medium…(walks off to sound of own footsteps)

Answer by dew 1
Yes ,some were good and others bad readings. Sometimes they were accurate ,other times far off the mark .
They sometimes give good advice and other times bad advice.They may have genuine insight into your troubles but may not give the best of advice.Sometimes it’s best just to ignore some of the advice they give or seek a second opinion.You never know if they are saying it out of the goodness of their hearts or not .You can’t trust them ,some of them can be deceitful .

Answer by WHO am I ?? and why am I here ?
I have seen one a few times and she was VERY accurate > About 14 years ago she told me I was going to be back with someone from my past ( at the time I was VERY married ) and about 4 years later while still ( somewhat happily married ) the love of my life ( high school sweethearts from the 70’s ) called my sister to see where and how I was ( I had moved back to the state after almost 20 years gone ) ‘

Long story short >>> We’ve been married since 02-02-02 ( @ 2;00 )

I know it’s wrong to believe in these people ( due to christian beliefs ) But ……….

Answer by starcherub
I had some psychic readings from various people before. It was not what I had in mind.

I guess I was expecting a Madame Zelda experience with tons of incense and a woman with dragon lady nails looking into a crystal ball, going into a trance, and predicting my future that way. Turns out it was mostly a woman at a table, wearing ordinary clothes, no nails, and a stack of tarot cards, where I pick a few cards and she tells me what they mean. Sort of like a yearly trip to the doctor’s for a check up. They were vague, all of them, except one, who was spot on.

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