Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who would like a free Lenormand reading?

Hello, I’m offering free Lenormand readings. If you would like one reply and send me an e-mail after. I’m starting my business and would like to preview my work to those interested.

Answer by isis’s brother
so this is a tarot reading you are offering. I do know some good local
tarot card readers, so I would be interested in hearing from you and
giving positive feedback if warranted.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where could I read the The tarot of perfection online?

I’d really like to read this book, but can’t find it online to read anywhere. Of course I plan to buy it, but I’d like to read it first. Please can someone provide an online link to this? I am aware there are audiobooks, but I’d like to read it myself.

Answer by redunicorn
Go in a book store and look through it. There is no FREE and LEGAL copy online.

Answer by Elaine M
Your library probably has it as well. It came out in 2008.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarot reading

Free Tarot Reading # 86


I am a Clairvoyant – Clairsentience – Clairaudient – Empathic & Medium. At the young age of 7 started to sense, see & feel things which frightened me. After years of experiencing these gifts I figured it was time to let them take over since I could not control it and I have never looked back or regret my choice it is the greatest gift to be able to help others and give direction to those who are lost. With these 5 gifts I have helped many and now I am here to help you.

I do not use Tarot Cards. Pendulums. Spells of any kind. or any tools at all just my natural born gifts. If you are looking for some concrete answers then look no more.

I will read you like a open book and anyone or anything that you have on your mind. I am here to help get you to where you have been trying to reach.