Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why are mass media as a source of morality powerful than the spiritual source today?

Answer by Rob
Mass media is a source of immorality, not morality. People watch TV/videos and are programed like robots with all kinds of filth.

Answer by Hugo
Sources. References.

Or are you just making the claim?

I think the most powerful sources of morals are:

1. Cause and effect.


2: Empathic reasoning.

All filtered into familial and societal culture by whatever medium.

Answer by DMTNT
because no matter what happens in the world they think the run the show. They think they have the stage. It’s sad cause they’re almost like a bully…a media bully. They really disappoint.
And they never give all the different sides to things it’s only what they want to show. Kind of sucks dirt you know…

Answer by BOBA FETT
There is no spiritual source. If you’re referring to churches and preachers they’re humans not spirits.

Answer by Kevin P
I think it just seems that way, and thats what they want you to think. They really arent as powerful as they make themselves out to be. All you have to do is think for yourself.

Answer by Justin C
I’m not to sure about morality but i do know as people we want to see things to believe it. Mass media provides that and as twisted it is with its propaganda it calms us. Now we are a nation so prone to violence ans sex that being spiritual is to be an outcast. What a shame.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Scientologists : Would you be able to help me understand your faith?

I understand that Scientology is the most controversial religion of modern times, however I know that human biengs will never join something that will harm them and there are far too many controversies in the media to fully understand the benefits to the faith.

I would appreciate if you could take the time to talk one to one with me, I will not be prepared to pay for any knowledge however and I don’t wish to join the religion, but I am open to learning about other faiths and cultures, as I am a student of the human condition.

If you are a defector, but still believe in Scientology and would be able to explain the religion and the core belief systems and doctrines, I would be most grateful.

Please no answers that include whether or not you like it or not or that it is ridiculous, that is not what I am asking, I am asking for information as to how it works and what benefits people receive from the faith.

I don’t want to know about the whole Lord Xenu thing, as I don’t want to look into any conspiracy, just the methods of Scientology, religious practices, prayer and rites.

My study is that of finding a relationship between all religions and I find it hard to study Scientology, as most of its doctrines are copyrighted and not open source.

Again, I am not here to dispute or conspire, I wish to be educated and understand.

Feel free to IM or email me.

Can someone answer my question please?

All I want is Scientology to be explained to me by someone who has experienced it, I could look online all day, but all I would have is my intuition, which is not true knowing.

How on Earth am I conspiring?

Heavens Gate and People’s Temple started off with innocent motives, they mutated over time, so your analogy is facile.

Answer by SupaStar
“Scientologists : Would you be able to help me understand your faith?”

Scientologist- “Sure. How much cash do you have?”
“I am not here to dispute or conspire, I wish to be educated and understand.”

No you’re not. If that was your goal, you would have typed “Scientology” into Google.

Answer by Hmm
You need a personality test.

Answer by ixseexstars

Answer by Mad Max
“I know that human beings will never join something that will harm them”

Guess you never heard of Jim Jones? Or Heaven’s Gate?

Answer by Ricardo
There are enough stupid people to rich by suckering them.

Answer by Theta Works
For starters, Scientology isn’t faith-based. What is true is what has been personally observed on application. That is true knowing. Scientology is something we DO, not believe. The site below is run by those who have experienced and use Scientology. It will answer your questions. What you won’t find here are myths generated by apostates and critics. If someone left Scientology then they didn’t apply the doctrine. Plain and simple. My own personal experiences span 41 years. Ultimately it boils down to the facts that I know I’m a spiritual being whose experiences span many lifetimes and that Scientology works. The true test is if it works for you and for you to have true knowing, you’re going to have to apply some to your life. In the link below there’s a video on the ARC triangle. Easy to test you can find out if works when YOU apply it.

There are also a bunch of free on-line courses here that teach you to use the principles so you can find out for yourself.

Open source? All 18 of the basic books are in the library. Free to read. Free to use

Answer by Fake Genius
someone left the church because not disciplined enough:

did i put it right?

Answer by thetaalways
I understand your frustration. I have been a Scientologist for over 40 years so am somewhat experienced. Here goes…
The word Scientology means the study of KNOWING or WISDOM. From Latin SCIO = knowledge
and Greek LOGOS = study of. The word translates literally as “knowing how to know”.or “looking”

It is an APPLIED religious PHILOSOPHY . There is no dogma rituals or worship involved. No faith or belief in anything or anyone is expected. In Scientology a truth is true only if it is true for you, according to your own observation and experience.

Scientology addresses the subject of the spirit and it’s relationship to this and other universes.

The most fundamental principle in Scientology is that You are a spiritual being. That the human soul or spirit is not something you HAVE like a car or a brain , but what you actually ARE.
You are your own immortal soul.

The spiritual technology of Scientology is a path of discovery of self and the rehabilitation of ones native potential and abilities.This is the route through spiritual salvation to achieve true spiritual freedom.
Hope this helps. is an excellent site to get your questions more fully answered. It has a great FAQ section as well as free on line courses in Scientology principles.
Otherwise you are welcome to IM or E Mail me. :o)

Answer by Myles
I am a Scientologist.

Scientology derives from two separate words. Its breakdown is pretty simple. SCIENT-OLOGY. Scient derives from the latin word Scio, which means to know or learn. The Ology part derives from the greek word Logos, which means the study of. In short, Scientology means the study of knowing, or the study of how to learn.

Scientology is all about finding your own truth, or path, in life. Its cleansing yourself of impurities and clearing your mind, body, and thetan (spirit; you). In Scientology we work through eight dynamics. Through each of these dynamics we further our excistence in life and better ourselves, as well as the lives of those around us through our practices. The first dynamic is the self dynamic. To achieve this is to achieve your inner strength and happiness; it also means that you have a good number of possessions (a home, a job, money, etc…). The second dynamic is the family dynamic. This not only means to have a strong family character, but to also release yourself sexually and reproduce, creating a legacy. The thrid dynamic is the group dynamic. One should be a beneficial part of a beneificial unit (community, peer group, church, etc..). The fourth dynamic is the species dynamic. This is just to better ourselevs as human beings (be a part of a relief effort, help educate the uneducated, etc…). The fifth dynamic is the life form dynamic; respect and cherish all life on Earth. The sixth dynamic is the universe dynamic. This means to understand all of the pieces of the physical universe, even at a sub-atomical level. The seventh dynaimc is the spiritual dynamic, This means to be completely in tune with your inner self and to have complete control over your body and mind. The final dynamic is one that noone has achieved yet; it is the infinity dynamic. This means to understand EVERYTHING in the universe, inluding the creator. Since noone can give certain proof as to who or what created existence, that is left to the individual, what is true to you.

Basically Scientology is studying how to better yourseleves and your existence on Earth.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do men like their women to be weak minded?

It seems that men seem to be intimidated by women with strong minds, but once a female acts dumb, men are drawn to that?
why? does it make you feel superior to her??
Why do you need that to feel like you are her superior?
Of course not all men are this way, (my boyfriend isn’t, he doesn’t need me to act dumb for him to know he is a strong man mentally)

Answer by short and to the point
no way.

Answer by Alex
Men are insecure.

Answer by Santana P
WATCH the Zeitgeist movies!

Answer by Nath
so we can play mind games and use domestic violence against them 😀

Answer by Savage
You answered your own question

Why do men like their women to be weak minded?
It seems that men seem to be intimidated by women with strong minds, but once a female acts dumb, men are drawn to that?
why? ***does it make you feel superior to her??***

Answer by John Holmes
Look at mishill obama and ask that question again

Answer by Connor
no idea

Answer by Adam
Wow, you sure like to sterotype. There are plenty of women that are like that too.

Answer by Jess
to get them in bed easier.

Answer by ben_of_marlow
I like smart women.

If I feel like I’m superior it’s because I feel superior to most people. It has nothing to do with gender.

Answer by Kay
Why do men like their women to be weak minded?

It is easier that way.

Answer by Trish P
Not all men think that way. There are also women who think that way, so maybe you could answer the question yourself as a woman.

Answer by Stylish B
to feel superior!

Answer by 6jsc5
That goes back millions of years. Men are really the weak sex.

Answer by thats what she said
Its the whole men are suppose to be better and smarter than women.
Which is so0o0o0o not true. I guess some guys want girls to see them as genius’s and heroes.

Answer by Woman of Curiosity
They can manipulate a dumb woman easier.
She will believe his every word without question.
They feel like they will be more likely to get some sex out of a easily manipulated woman.
Yes, it does make them feel superior, they are made to want to feel like that.
No, there’s some decent men out there. The decent shows through when they stop “playing” and get serious about finding someone to be with/start a family with. This usually happens 29-45 years of age. Though there are some that start earlier.

Answer by Angry Atheist
It seems to me that YOU like to generalize a lot. I don’t like weak minded/willed women, it just so happens that My intended/soon to be married to. is a very strong minded woman that owns her own business, owns her own home and does VERY well for herself. I have a very strong mind/will of my own and if I had a weak willed woman in my life she would not last long I would just run her over….So please stop with the generalizations. YOU DON’T know everyone so get off your high horse already.

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