Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why can’t I ever get an appropriate answer from an online tarot card reading apps?

Answer by Sarah Louise
Because tarot reading is nonsense.

Answer by Devilred
Because divination by any means is horsesh!t.

Answer by punch
Because it’s make believe and generalization. You’ll NEVER get an “appropriate” answer. You’re incredibly naive to think that you would or could.

Answer by Livemoch
I’ll second that – tarot reading is nonsense.

I used to be a reader to. I had both rider and thoth deck.

Not only is it nonsense but its psychologically dangerous.

Because as we know, its not healthy to believe every single thought or especially hope we have.

All reading is, is looking for an answer you want to be true. And that will cause you endless amounts of suffering.

Instead, trust in God.

Answer by interested1208
Because it’s worthless to start with…


Answer by Puddy
I don’t know.

Answer by John
Because you are not asking the right demon for help. When you do then you are in serious trouble. from Brother John

Answer by Meg Davidson
Because Tarot is an intuitive language. Computers have no intuition if you want a reading done right look for intuitives in your area. As for the bible thumpers, the bible says you can sell your daughter into slavery if she’s of age, and that you can kill you neighbor if they work on the sabbath too. Sounds damn logical to me. LMFAO.

Answer by OccultLover
Because they are interpreted a certain way all the time. You have to interpret the cards that are drawn with your own meaning and definition in order to obtain guidance. You also need to use your intuition that’s why it’s better to have your own Tarot deck and shuffle your own cards then get your own interpretation of them. You can do it online but you will have to ignore the definition the website gives you and interpret the cards yourself.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i would like to know were i could get a free tarot card reading online?

Answer by Jill
There are some that are automated, but I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find a personalized one however.

Answer by LawyerWiFe has a tarot page with runes and chi and some other things…good site.

Answer by Tom
try psychics r us

Answer by Moony the Witch
They are all fake online. Best to get a deck yourself.

Answer by kinetochore
make up some cards
make up some meaning

Answer by Val
Try this one, there’s all sorts of scrying on it. And its totally free. 🙂

Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

Answer by Kolus
Damn near anywhere.

Just be careful of the ones you get when you are not there in person. Many of them are people pretending to do readings and will just toss out something to make you believe that they are reading for you.
I also suggest getting a deck of your own, there is nothing mystical about the Tarot like many would leave you believing.

Answer by Lori G
The Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) offers free tarot readings from its endorsed members.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can people make a living reading Tarot cards online or on the phone?

i’m a single mother, i’m not sure where this idea came form, but i have always been an intuitive person and i need to be able to support my son on what ever i do for a living. is it possible to do so by reading tarot online or over the phone with a reputable company

Answer by TwistedOwl

Answer by Wonder Weirdo
You may want to shy away from that. There was a whole slew of people doing that years ago, and the government cracked down on them. That kind of thing usually gets associated with fraud, and if you make a mistake somewhere along the line in your interpretation, then you can find yourself in some serious legal hot water.


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