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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why did I get really hot during my psychic reading?

I had a psychic reading yesterday and about half way through, I got really hot, and my skin was cold. I was fine before that and fine after I left, but has this happened to anyone? What does it mean? I also had my friend sitting right next to me the whole time and she said that she was fine.
I get anxiety all the time so i know wat that feels like. i wouldnt be asking if I already knew.
i dont get nervous like that.

Answer by clcalifornia
You had a classic case of anxiety

Answer by Lamont! other account
Im seeing music, do you like to sing or dance, you are young late teens early 20s, your going through a transitional time right now, i want to say with family but it could also be academic related as well. i also see faulty judgment, whether that be memory lose or a bad decision you made. im getting am “m”, did your psychic name start with the letter “M”, Mary, Martha, Megan Marge… or maybe male was it a male? Or a Strong M in your family I don’t know if that is your name or it is the name of you mother or father. You where sweating because your nervous. You should relax more next time and feel free to ask any questions on here first to see if we can help.

Oh and say Yes, *wink*

Answer by Cereus
Well i found psychic readings fun as I was a teenager and i had some of them. And then this weird thing happened. EVERY time after a psychic reading something bad happened to me right the same day or the day after. At the beginning I thought it was a simple coincidence and i ‘ve continued and so did the “coincidences”. In the rest of the month everything was normal, only the day of the reading or the day after something got really wrong. So i’ve stopped to think that was a “coincidence”. I think it was God’s or Universe’s way to tell me i shouldn’t have psychic readings.

Answer by Shenaynay
To do a proper psychic reading the psychic’s mind has to enter your mind to see what lies within. The heat was generated because your mind resented the intrusion and was trying to do everything it could to repel it – kind of like an allergic reaction.
You should be careful since you have had such a strong reaction, there have been cases where people have had strokes during a really insightful reading because their brains have overheated. If you must visit a psychic again I suggest you take a bag ice to apply to your head if you start to feel it becoming unnaturally warm.

Answer by susan
This was the energy generated by the reading… the reader must be well connected or else someone in spirit was giving you a healing. I am leaning towards the second… that you were receiving a healing.

There is powerful energy when truly tuned into the spirit world, which is why it is NOT something to dabble in or try out of curiosity.

It is interesting to see how people try to put spirit things into physical world paradigms!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a good psychic health reading?

I have been sick for nearly 4 months and doctors are unable to figure out whats going on. I wanted to get a psychic reading (although I know its just for fun it might give me a little piece of mind as well)
anyone have any good psychic experiences?

Answer by Danyelle
I feel that your happy atm… But this sickness has sorta dragged you out. I feel as though it may be psychological. Something that is in you… I would suggest a reading to pull it out. Or to get a better understanding. If you want… You can email me at and I can help you out with that…
Hope that helps…

Answer by Lorelie *
I found a great site that offers free psychic readings on fridays in the chat room. They also have a forum. Its a great place for anything metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual. You should definitely check it out!
There aren’t any liscensed doctors on the site of course but they can give some really great advice!

Answer by in case of emergency mike angel.
your having a Weird experience. Bad outside influence or advice. Black magic. Unexpected failure. Inability to realize goals. Violence. Shock. Fatality. Self-punishment. Temptation to evil. Self-destruction.
The card on the bottom represents thought – the analytical process of organizing the project and capturing the emotional content of the previous card. This is the science or vision of the undertaking. Page of Swords: Vigilance. Agility. Spying. A discreet person. An active youth. A lithe figure. A person adept at perceiving, discerning and uncovering the unknown or that which is less than obvious. Insight.
The card on the right represents manifestation – the real work involved in completing the project, and the form it will take upon culmination. This is the painting or touch of the undertaking. Page of Clubs: A faithful, loyal, person. An envoy. Emissary. Trusted friend. A stranger with good intentions. A consistent person. A bearer of important news.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever had a psychic reading? If so, was it quite specific to you or was it very general?

I would like to try to have a psychic reading done but am very skeptical about it. Wondering if anyone has ever had one and it answered questions that they have had.
Is anyone willing to give me a free psychic reading?

Answer by Howard Edwards
If you tell 50 people that you “see” a health problem with a close relative then for some of them it will be true,they will be shocked and think It’s specific to them,Google cold reading.

Answer by Alexis De tocqueville
>Is anyone willing to give me a free psychic reading?


The letter ‘E’ or one of the other vowels is important to you.
Something happens to a friend of yours. I see the letter ‘S’ and something to do with travel. Shop, the letter S means Shop.
Carol means something to you, Carol, carol…calories. Calories are important to you in some way.
You wear clothes and I sense water nearby.

Oh….the spirits fade…..

The next reading where I reveal a vague description of where the tumor might be, will cost you $ 1000. I have some grossly expensive cures for it as well, made out of slightly flavoured water, chicken stock and some stuff I ransacked from the compost heap.

Answer by Mike K

They are very general and classic sales techniques are used. All of us have 3 main issues in our lives – we could all use a little more good health, finances and love. You’ll find they ask questions about you that you volunteer to answer yourself and being back those points to you half an hour later which you most likely have forgotten.

They are smart in their observations. For example if I meet a pretty woman in her 30’s oe 40’s and she has no wedding ring on her left hand but I see some polished skin there, chances are she is either divorced or he husband died. 50/50 guess and pretty good odds at guessing she’s divorced I’d say. Ever see a tea reader ask if you want milk in your tea etc? Go from there!


Michael Kelly

Answer by Roman
If you want to get free psychic readings, then get it here :

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