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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why did the media let Obama get away with the fact he went to a church with a raving racist?

For over 20 years and a guy he called his spiritual mentor that hates America,

Answer by Boooorrrriiing!
Because they are liberal racists. You can be a bigot as long as you embrace their dogma.

Answer by Reality has a Liberal Bias
They didn’t. They forced him to give a entire speech on the topic.

Answer by Tears of the sun
They all go to racist churches.

Answer by NOpublican’s in 2012
How do you know that he went to church ? because they reported it

Answer by c
Cuz the media sucks! I mean they have proven his supposed birth certificate is fake too! The hospital he was supposedly born in didn’t even have that name at the time (there are a ton more mistakes like that on it as well).

They just don’t care really, kinda like how Ron Paul gets no media attention even when he finishes second in a state.

Answer by Bachmann Palin Overdrive
One must understand that the term racist is a one way street.

Only whites can be racists according to the liberal media.

Answer by Avenger
They didn’t “let him get away with it”. The outrage has never stopped. And the “famous quote” that all the trolls and wingnut pundits use to “prove” the fact that the minister is a racist was actually him quoting someone else. So you just scored 2 big FAILS. .

Answer by relevant inquiry
He didn’t. Quote the racist statements or shut up.

Answer by Hally M
You should study up on the racist past of the Mormon church. You’re about to vote in another person from a church that spewed racist hate. Congratulations.


Answer by Char
They didn’t. Leaving out the word “raving” it was quite prominent in the news.

BTW, his former pastor does not hate America. He hates some things that occur in this country, and so do I.

Answer by ObamaManipulatesU
Black Liberation Theology is against Christianity- thats what that Church was all about. HATE- REVENGE! ITs probably the most evil Theology there is ! That Cone guy was retarded- just listen to how dumb he was on youtube videos. This is unreal – shocking! That we have a Man destroying America- the most manipulative president ever! And the Media stands by him? LIe for him over and over and over again! It has to be Satanic- there is no other explaination for how evil the far left keeps getting. Some of them say stuff on the radio like they have to decapitate Republicans. Farrakhan said kill 1/3rd of the population using Vaccines? And they didn’t lock him up?

Answer by Obama is a Dolt
He is married to a raving racist

Answer by Joe
You can call Wright raving, but he’s not a raving racist.

Answer by Alicia Murphy
Obama has the same sentiments as his mentor

Answer by Waterfall
The media reported it. What more would you have the media do? I knew about it. You knew about it. Anybody paying attention would have known about it. They did their duty by reporting it. The media can’t make their audience react to the news in your desired way. Even propaganda doesn’t always and forever work in its intended way.

Answer by Otto Maddox
For the same reasons Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are still given time at the Democrat Conventions.

No one, to this day, can tell me why Al Sharpton should be in any position of leadership after what he did.

For some reason using a young girl to lie about white police being the devil is OK.. it is even a career enhancing move if you look at Sharpton.

Answer by ☠SinDelle Morte☠
WOW, look at all these motherfuckers saying that Rev. Wright is not racist! That is what I mean, man. You can put the proof RIGHT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE and if they don’t want to see it, they won’t. But if you don’t believe that a man screaming to a congregation that the white US government created AIDS to kill black people is a racist lunatic, I don’t know what to say. And yes, he DID say that. And many other psychotic, crazy things.

And they way, they let Obama get away with it because he’s black. Period. It’s sad and ridiculous in this day and age but it is 100% true. If he was white going to a church saying that stuff about black people, he would have been absolutely DESTROYED.

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