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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do I find nothing in my life interesting?

I used to love sports, reading, video games, music, pretty much everything! And now… I have no interest, I have quit almost all my sports, I can’t even concentrate on reading, video games now bore me most of the time, and I really have no interest in much of anything. Music is the only thing that’s really stuck with me. But I also feel as if there is a hole in my life, something I’m missing. Is it people? I don’t have many super close friends, but I get along with people well enough. Is it love? I know that may sound kind of stupid but there you have it. I’m slightly awkward socially. I know my family does and all, but that’s because we are, well, family. I just need some advice on what it may be that I’m missing out on or how to rebuild my interest. And this is my second year of feeling this way (I’m 17). A psychiatrist once told me I’m depressed, and to be honest I feel that way a lot. How do I change this? What should I be doing differently? I know this is a question that requires probably more information about myself, but I feel like I need some kind of assistance.

Answer by petee p
visit to get online support. Also visit to talk to a free online councellor. Look up exercise and depression, it releases endorfins which improve mood and brain chemistry. Also look up art therapy, channelling what yr feeling into something creative helps yr brain process the negativity in yr head, even if yr not good at art; a could technique is doodling it brings yr thoughts into the present stopping u dwelling on the past and yr problems. If yr self esteem is low do and learn new things, small at first, this will give u a sense of achievement…Find some volunteer work, helping others or nature builds self esteem, it looks good on yr CV, it gives perspective, u ll meet nice new people and it gives u life experience and something to talk about, the more experiences u have the more empowered u will feel. And volunteer work gives good karma. U don’t have to believe in God but but keep an open mind about the possibility and finding some spirituality helps and good karma is a good start. When u find things that help come on here and share with the other troubled people, more good karma. Be kind but be a little selfish its good to put yrself first sometimes.. join clubs, groups, classes and activities in yr community were u ll meet likeminded people and have new things in yr life. U could even challenge yrself by joining activities u wouldnt normally be interested in. Also or their app is great for finding meet ups of groups who have the same problems or interests as u… Don’t be afraid to go to yr doctor and be totally honest, they ll understand and be able to help, medication or a change of medication can work wonders. A journey of self discovery is a good thing to do. Try different ways of living until u find one that makes sense. People have all kinds of reasons for living. And the journey of self dicovery is half the reward. Read The Magic by Rhona Byrne it has helped alot of people. And playing computer games has been shown to help with depression.also technology can be very distracting, there r tones of apps that can take up yr time; a good podcast is android app addicts is great for finding new apps to distract u from yr problems even if ur not on android also The Moth podcast is really great for inspiring stories.. Good luck

Answer by love-mcr
babe its depression; you honestly feel like nothing is fun or worth your time anymore and lifes is just on a downward spiral??

i had mild depression and i went to a therapist, it really helps i got some pills and i did the things that i use to find fun even though at the time i didnt find them fun at all. but most of all i talk to someone mostly the therapists about it: my problems, my struggles, anything that was bothering me.

i think you should do the same aspa and just remember it does get better it might take 10 year it might take a year or it could take days but it does get better

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can i record the video chat in windows live messenger?

i wanna record the video from my contacts camera in windows live messenger. is it possible? pls help me.

Answer by Wyatt Earp
Yes you can record any video you see online or during a chat. This is a link to several “screen recorders” read the user reviews before selecting. Just run the screen recorder when you ready to to save any conversation.|platform=Windows&filterName=licenseName=Free|platform=Windows&tag=ltcol


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find good resources about how to make a good quality web video?

I work for a network of nonprofits, and we’re trying to help them use web video to get the message out about their work. I’m trying to compile a list of good resources, but most of what I’m finding is tips for users who already know about digital video. I’m looking for sites with more basic tips (i.e. static video of 10 people standing around is boring). I would really appreciate any help!!

Answer by The Guru Assassin
Hold up there, I see where you’re going and it’s solid… but…

If you’re trying to get the word out make sure you understand how people are looking for it online. Just making a video and posting it to youtube, googlevideo and all those others will do nothing for you. Understand your SEO.

Once you have that stuff down you can grab camtasia studio. (that is if you’re making screen capture videos)

That’s what I do. You can jump between powerpoint information stuff and live video if you like. The stuff is affordable and easy to use.

I had my first video recorded and uploaded to the web in less than an hour. And I didn’t even read the directions!

But none of that would have done anything if I wasn’t already familiar with SEO and how to get those videos in front of the public.

Answer by ♥Elle♥
i’m not sure
but u can always make a video on
or even, too!

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