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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do Psychics get everything right apart from the Timing?

I’ve had Readings with a number of proven to be very true, respectable Psychics who have given me information about my life and messages from my Loved ones who now reside in Spirit.

They’ve also told me what will be occuring in my future etc and this has all happened apart from it happening timewise when they say it would, why is this?

No negative comments please.

Answer by spirit24
not fully sure myself as iv had a few psychic readings done as well and i think they are great as long as you dont tell them anything about your life before the readings, then you know they are not fakes

Answer by Freddy vs Chucky
We, the psychics, can feel the thing that will happen. All of our sences come to a future sence and the present sence. So if you like me a psychic than thanks.

Answer by havaseat
ive only been to one with friends for entertainment as skeptic wasnt really beleiving what she said until my turn happened rather surprized no money was paid no one new of circumstance not common occurances at all no names offered damn near like fact as to who when where all no information offered and in a dark room i still beleive her or what she interpitedXXXXXEDIT at time// told events to come// and #GUIDES tthat were// drew and wrote in dark all that on unopenen mail across back used descriptions etc still have now 13 years years 99+ accurate one is 9years old parents were not married both dated others but were in room with dates , another said call friend tell go dr didnt month later tooth pick removed parentinitis for a month D BLOSSOM DALLAS 1996 also lady lookin for daughter,,, gave directions ,,i drew ,,later found j pool lake dallas murdered real to what i wrot trees road ditch fence poles grass etc,

Answer by Anne
Our futures are molded through the choices and actions we make in life. And given that we are ever acting and choosing, sure the timeline could be off.
The situations that are “set up” for us, are not nessesarily specific situations but rather “life lessons”, that can show up in many different senerios depending on how we choose and act, all with the same “lesson”. The information a psychic gets can tell specific outcomes of our choices and actions but only we can choose and act.
Timing can be off in readings for this simple reason. WE create our futures, not the phsycic. Depending on what we do in life, can alter our future and the timing of when these “life lessons” come and how.

Answer by The Wizard
Psychic readings can often give insight into many aspects of our lives. As a psychic, one of my most daunting tasks is to interpret the correct timeframe for an occurence. No one is going to be accurate 100% of the time. Gifted psychics can usually get the time down to within at least a month. Maybe you should give them another chance if the information received was accurate. Some psychics unfortunately never seem to get the knack of interpreting time cards though. If this is the case then maybe you just need to try another psychic.

Answer by peachyone
Because NOTHING IS WRITTEN IN STONE! Psychic impression is just that, the influences and impressions that are present surrounding the question or situation. A reading is never meant to be a fast forward home movie of your life. It’s more like a “here’s where you are now, here’s what’s a likelihood based on the current events and influence.” YOU have free will to act or not, based on what you hear. The reading is a guide, your future is not a script that someone is reading ahead on. Never ask when something will happen. Things will unfold as they are meant to (or not, if that’s your choice of action) in their own time, and with YOUR participation and influence. YOU make your life happen.

Answer by hudsongray
Because it’s just not so easy to figure it out. Basics are there, but your actions can hinder or speed up the results.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Lionel

Timing is a hard factor, some give dates that they are given from spirit, some that they see clairvoyantly, other give dates to make you happy!

Dates can be hard to give as most situations have more than one person playing it out as well as more than a single factor, so dates should be held loosely if your given any.

As a psychic myself, if i’m shown a time frame/date I state that it will be relevant to the situation & not the absolute.

see profile 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever used an animal psychic for your pet?

Did you get accurate information, or just general facts that could apply to anyone?
FYI – I’m not planning on going to one – I’m just curious about other people’s experiences of them.

Answer by Hamster & Dog Lover
I have never gone to any kind of psychic bcuz the r not really psychic they r really good guessers. Don’t go to one it will be a waste of money & time. If ur pet has been acting different or something u should use logic like ask urself these questions … Does he/she look sick? Does he/she seem depressed? Does he/she seem mad? Then once u answer the questions u can try to help ur pet buy going to the vet or spending time with him/her.

Answer by rodolfo l
I think an owner could easily tell what’s wrong to his/her pet.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can i control my psychic ability?

Alright, I’ve been having these dreams for years about random bits and pieces of conversations that happen weeks to months in the future. So far, all of these ‘visions’ have been completely accurate except for one and only the location was wrong on it but everything else was correct. I know this is not just coincidence because it has happened several times. Does anyone have any advice or tips that could help me control these visions, so that i can begin to help others with planning for what their future holds?

Answer by Nohaj
Helps you focus overall

Don’t let anyone discourage you. All the answers you seek are within you!
Medetation helps to unlock it

Answer by Bruce McDonald
I think you ate the wrong mushrooms.

Answer by illadelphiakid
Set your alarm to wake up 2 hours before the time you normally wish to get up. Then when it wakes you up set it 2 hours forward and go back to sleep. You will now remember your last dream even better.

Answer by Lisa
meditation is a good way to develop your psychic ability. Also try keeping a journal of the things that happen to you. You could be surprised as to what you see, and other’s will be fascinated by your experiences.. if they believe them. :\

Answer by Ginny
Look into lucid dreaming

Answer by Gary Y
Over 6 billion people on the planet, each having around 200 dream themes each night, there is bound to be some coincidences just as you describe. Usually it is only with the benefit of hindsight that we make a connection. Humans naturally seek patterns like this, we unwittingly fall for our own selection bias, we also unwittingly embellish our memories (of the dream) to fit.

This naturalistic explanation is far for probable than you being “psychic”. No one has ever been able to demonstrate “psychic” abilities under proper controlled testing. You would also have to overturn all of science and the laws and theories of physics.

Now, if you could write down your dreams as soon as you awaken, and if these turn out to be accurate predictions, then you may be onto something. You could you have yourself tested by a skeptic organization who have up to one million dollars available for anyone who can prove “psychic” powers and perform better than random chance.

Have a look at:

Answer by ≈→ Why not? ← ≈
You’re making things up.

Answer by Stephanie R
I have those too. I would suggest meditation. It helps me, I can’t really control it but it gets stronger. It sounds weird but I can feel it. I mean, I can tell that I am psychic. I can sense when things are wrong and when things are going to happen and I can sense people. I also get deja vu a lot. If you want to talk about it you can go to my website (listed below) or you can email me.
Hope I helped.

Answer by Shannon
Meditate. And keep a journal of these dreams and the real occurrences.

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