Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why has the entire world gone war crazy and hateful? Is it the result of the idiotic beliefs people are?

getting out of the religious comic books! The bile the khoram and any others

Answer by Rebecca
the lack of tolerance and acceptance for anything else other than what you or your ‘group’ is/believes in, whether it be religion, government, power, money, ect. it’s pretty disgusting.

Answer by Quinn
It’s not just religious fanatics. There are also people who don’t care about religion at all.What it is moreso is the popularization of violence. Violence is made to look spiritual and holy to some people. Violence is made to look fun or cool amongs guys in the U.S. Just look at all the movies, video games, music. The message is violence. Violence is more popular than love in the media.

Answer by odin_soulsword
No it’s because people have lost all values and morals and ethics.

If you can’t respect people no matter their beliefs, than you do not deserve to be respected.

If our culture just encourages sex, drugs and rock n roll, guess what we have an immature, selfish, hatred, liberal world, that has no values, has no ethics, only is concerned about self-gratification.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Atheists–How do you explain this Catholic communion host that turned into a human heart–captured on video?

Miracle captured on video by Daniel Sanford of New Jersey. On 11/13/98, as part of the pilgrimage, he went to see the Bleeding Host of Betania at the Chapel of the Augustinian Nuns in Los Teques. The Spiritual Director, Father Mazzarella, said Daily Mass. When they finished, he opened the Tabernacle door, which contained the Bleeding Host. The Host was in flames, bleeding, and there was a pulsating heart bleeding in the center of the Host. Daniel watched this for about 30 seconds or so, then the Host returned to normal. HOWEVER, He did manage to film this miracle with his camcorder!
I thought it was pretty good PaulCyp. How should I try to evangelize people?
I believe people are atheists partially because they have a refusal to believe in miracles. I believe if I can show a miracle to them then they may be more apt to believe.

Answer by Jesse
Parlor tricks. Penn and Teller would have done it with more flare.

Answer by Thunder.Overhead
Pious fraud.

Answer by The Pastafarian Pirate Wizard
McGgyver could have done that with tweezers and some string.

Answer by The Doctor
McGruber could do that with… Wait no, he can never stay focused.

Answer by SunBeast
All that can be seen in this video is a vague blob, it could literally be anything.

Answer by Danny M
We have a “magician” in the UK called Dynamo, he has been filmed (in front of an audience) levitating, walking through glass and turning wallpaper into butterflies amongst other things.

Answer by Boxerman
So you call a box on a wall with moving images a miracle? I call it TV.

Answer by PaulCyp
Sorry Matthew, but this is crap, and believing in such nonsense just gives Catholics a bad name.

Answer by Orla
I like this incredible miracle which has no scientific explanation yet. “Safe in the Midst of Hiroshima Nuclear Blast” h (Youtube video comes from a real document from the time of Hiroshima atomic bomb).

About Eucharistic miracles, you have plenty which cannot be explained easily where the host became flesh and stay that way for centuries as Lanciano Eucharistic miracle. It has been checked out by scientists too who said it was a part of the heart AB+ (check the link for more details
And the more recent one in Buenos Aires in 1996.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Did you watch tonight’s Ghost Whisperer, and/or are you watching Medium right now?

Ghost Whisperer:
What is the last song called that was playing in tonight’s episode?
and was it a new episode of the season? (I only got to watch the last 3 or so minutes)

Can someone explain what the show is basically about? (This is my first time watching it)

And which of the two shows do you prefer?

Thanks for all answers (:

Answer by ♬ Music 4 Life ♬
Ghost Whisperer:

1) What is the last song called that was playing in tonight’s episode?
“In My Place”

2) Was it a new episode of the season?
Yes it was 5-11 (96)”Dead Air”

3)Can someone explain what the show is basically about?
Its focus is Allison DuBois, who acts as a research medium for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney’s office. The lead character is a wife to loving husband, Joe, and the mother of three daughters who all inherited her gift, apparently passed from generation to generation. The original premise of the show was based on reported experiences from self-proclaimed spiritual medium Allison DuBois, who claims to have worked with law enforcement agencies across the country in criminal investigations.

3) And which of the two shows do you prefer?
Ghost Whisperer, duh!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Spiritual Medium Video

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