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So a few months ago I talked to about five different psychics for free and on line and they told me that I was going to start dating this guy that I like and that liked me. They said that we would start talking this summer and one said in “the middle part of June” well anyway it’s July. This guy always stares so I thought he was to afraid to approach me, so guess what, yesterday I got in touch with him and he told me that HE IS MARRIED! Ugh now I’m glad I didn’t spend my money on them. lol

Answer by Milmom
Yea that’s the online psychics for you. I know a friend of mine made money doing that .. She had to answer 3 questions at her interview.
They were: what hand am i holding a stick in.. well if the person is right handed they are holding the phone.. so the answer is usually left.

2nd question: have you ever sold anything and what was it.

3rd question: are you willing to install a phone line into your house that’s separate from your current line.

That was her interview. I hate online psychics. I prefer to go to a good reputable one in my area that I know personally.

Answer by chainlightning38
Take a look at this link about “cold reading” because that is what is used most often.

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I would like to talk to more people with abilities like mine.

&& if you’re going to be stupid and tell me I’m not psychic don’t bother wasting your time.

Answer by adam s
so, if you are psychic, who am i? what kind of person am i?

Answer by Monkeyhead [Kipperfarti]
If you were psychic, you would know where they are.

Answer by BOBA FETT
Okay, I won’t tell you that you’re not psychic. But if you can prove it with scientifically controlled experiments you’ll be more famous than Albert Einstein and richer than Oprah. Good luck.

Answer by moci_arane
sorry, no.

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i born 07-05-89 6:58am
i want to know……
will my recent ex ever feel like he made the wrong choice by letting me go? will he regret it?
was he ever sincere about how he claimed he felt for me?

Answer by Kenaii Grimm
psychics exist but a good one will never give you the answer. the fabric of time is instantaneous and constantly changing. not to mention, the future requires that you contact things such as demons. and normal psychics aren’t stupid. you’d have to find a satanist or something for the answer. if your desperate and stupid, you can look form something called a weegie bored or something like that. but your basically giving your soul to the devil if you use one.

Answer by Atreyu
There are plenty of psychics that have been reported in the past, many of which were studied by the Nazis and the Soviets. However, these studies showed that psychics couldn’t tell the future, but they could manipulate space around them. There was no evidence for ones that can tell the future. The reason is because the future is unwritten. You can talk to a “real” psychic who will tell you ‘yes your ex will feel horrible for the rest of their life and die in a ditch’ but they’re only doing it to take your money.

A real psychic like the ones studied during the cold war wouldn’t waste your time trying to guess. The only way you’re going to get a real genuine answer is to move on with your life and not worry about what your ex is or will be doing.

Answer by Paul94
Try a live online or phone psychic like the ones on keen, heres a link

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