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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : World Cup, Hetalia questions about this Video?

This is a video about Spain (Axis Powers Hetalia) and there World Cup win, in 2010.
now in this video, i have a few questions about –

1.) The octopuses? there’s few of them on some of the charicters sholders sometimes.. what’s that about? What does it have to do with the World Cup and Spain?

2.) In a few of the pictures, Spain is Holding “Cards” in his mouth or there just going everywhare, and they are the colors of his flag. What does this have to do with the World cup?

3.) and last, i think this is just a thing that they did when they won, but they kissed the trophy. this happens a lot too in most of the pictures.

I love this video, and i love the music, but these few things confuse me a bit. help me out? please? i’ve looked everywhere on the web for answers, but nothing.


for future references, the people in the video are from an anime that personify’s the Country’s into people. and so the main character of this video is Spain. i think you can recognize him. he’s in most of the pictures.

Answer by Alonso Power
I’ve seen Hetalia a few times and it’s awwful: it’s so historically inaccuarte that its cringy but that being said it’s just a cartoon for what it is on face value it’s quite funny. Bearing in mind the majority of the images on that video were fan art and not official drawings means that we don’t know why the artists drew it so they could’ve been just drawing in random details for the sake of it. That being said I think I may be able to help you:
1. The octopus I’m sure is a reference to Paul the Octopus that could predict the results of the world cup games.
2. The cards ‘Spain’ appears to be holding are red and yellow, these are the colours of the Spanish flag but also they are the cards used in football whenever a player fouls. A yellow is held whenever a player fouls and a red is held whenever a player fouls badly enough to be sent off. Those pictures kind of act like visual puns whereby the cards coincidently happen to be the colour of the flag and the colour of the cards used in the rules.
3. Simply they kissed the trophy when they won. That was the victorious image sent out around the world

Likewise whenever Spain or Spanish teams such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid win tournaments then tend to kiss the trophy as a sign of triumph.

P.S. I got really distracted during that video bopping away to the music. Brings back good World Cup memories of watching the matches in public bars in Valencia…

I really hope this helped. Just ask if you want me to explain further. 😀

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Like psychics like mah friends not be talking to?

me like will they be talking to me again they initials be F , M and like J or like dolage i be finding new ones mah date of birth be 5-11-84

Answer by This is Dwight.

Answer by hippo
Check out this video documentary debunking a psychic:

Also there is a 1 million dollar reward for anyone that can prove that they have paranormal powers, no-one has EVER claimed the prize money and it’s been available for years:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I wish to have a psychic reading but?

I do believe in psychics/sensitives but so many who claim to be are just people pulling a scam. My idol Sylvia Browne costs so much and I can’t afford even a second of her time. Is there anyway for me to have a respectable reading or just talk with a genuine psychic? I need some questions answered about my mother’s soul and ask if I have some sort of ability. At night I feel like my body is asleep but my mind is awake. When I’m like this I feel hands pounding and beating on my bed like they’re trying to get my attention but it scares me greatly. I also hear faint voices and soft music throughout the day.
Please no criticism or remarks. I’m serious about this and I need help.

Answer by Ummer Farooq عمر فاروق
The peace for you,

what do you want to know?

In islam we have something called ishtikara.

If it’s you want to see someone who has died… then god willing if you are a pious person, the dead will come to you.

Answer by PomsNZ
sylvia brown IS a fraud.

research it. go into your local spiritual church, there should be some number maybe in phone book?

also, a lot do it over the internet etc. pm me if you want more info.

Answer by Without Reason
All psychics are scammers. Souls do not exist. You are having normal nightmares. Please, please, please do not waste your money on superstition.

Answer by Rajamohan G
Hand book of Para Psychology Wolman

Answer by James Lee
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Spiritual Teacher | Deborah King Illuminated Life Video Series Part 1 – Psychic Attack

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