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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Yogi lives without food OR water for 65 years its a miracle?

We should all look into yoga and Chakra meditation to spiritually evolve ourselves.
Indian military doctors are studying an 82-year-old yogi, who claims to have survived without food and water for 65 years, local media said.

The study may provide a key to the creation of “supersoldiers,” who could live in extreme conditions, the scientists involved in the research said.

Prahlad Jani has been held in a hospital in Ahmedabad, in the westernmost state of Gujarat, since April 22. He is being observed day and night by the scientists from the Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS).

Doctors confirm that the ascetic has not eaten or drunk in the latest eight days. He has not lost weight and seems to be healthy as he gets up from his bed, walks and communicates with other people.

“The most surprising fact is that his kidneys produce urine in small amounts, but he does not pass urine, it simply disappears,” Professor Anil Gupta said.

Doctor Sudhir Shah said the study could “help in working out strategies for survival during natural calamities, extreme stressful conditions and extra-terrestrial explorations like future missions to the Moon and the Mars.”

The research will last for a week and the scientists will need several months to prepare a report.

NEW DELHI, April 30 (RIA Novosti)

Answer by Myr
That defies the Law of Conservation of Energy right there.

Answer by No Pizza Without Cheezus
Yogi is a cartoon bear, and if you ask me, his existence is a miracle on its own

Answer by Ũniνέгsäl Рдnтsthέisт™
It’s not a miracle, it’s not true. He had to have taken in fluid and calories, or he would be dead. It’s a fact.

Answer by Jesusiree
That article is 5 years old – there are articles about him living without food and water for 70 years now – and he is now 83 years old.

The body constantly expends energy by producing heat even when doing nothing like sleeping. Bears loose weight when they hibernate for a couple of months but they cannot hibernate for 70 years because they don’t have that much body fat to burn for that long.

Brine Shrimp and Sea Monkey eggs can last decades without food or water and still hatch as they undergo a process known as “cryptobiosis” – but they do not produce any heat, energy or movement when they are in this state. Humans produce and give off heat constantly and need food to produce this heat or else it starts consuming it’s own fat, and then once that is gone, it’s own organs.

People have died trying to live on air.

Answer by Ray J
Not possible. No research required. He is not the first nor will he be the last person to make ridiculous claims.

Answer by Barry Schmelly
thats not proof that god or something supernatural exists.
and thats why the doctors are examining it, not the pope at vatican.
doctors, why ?? why doctors, why not the pope or some saint in the woods ??

coz the truth lies in the biology of his body and not some spiritual garbage. when the results are out, its another frontier for medicine and human biology.

Answer by MtoR signing up is easy
He is smarter than the average bear

Answer by Seeker
There is another story of “Giri Bala” described in “Autobiography of a yogi” by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. He visited personally and collected truth from her.

He was a bengali saint (Guru) settled in USA. Paramahansa’s institution in Calcutta, Ranchi,California etc in the name of SRF and Yogoda satsanga society of India.

Answer by sweetheat
The only yogi who could live that long without food is yogi bear, and either that’s because he is smarter than the average bear or because he is a cartoon. One can survive without food for approximately 40 days, and without water for 10 days. A week long observation proves nothing really, if he defies biological expectations last longer than 10 days without water and/or 40 days without food under observation i’ll be surprised. There is no way he could survive 65 years without food and water. The body needs nutrition to survive, it is not a luxury (it is in some parts of the world – to a degree, unfortunately) it is a basic biological need. The systems of the body cannot function for too long without it. I have lasted twice as longer as the observation period this man has been studied for, without food – but not water, and my organs began to shut down. In basic terms the body will start to consume its own protein, and produce toxins within the body with will force it to slowly shut down, and death will occur. The fact that he is producing small amounts of urine and that the urine is not being excreted show that his body is already functioning abnormally.

Answer by Greg B
I watched the video on the guy, they’ve had him in a facility for two weeks and he has not ate or drank anything (unless they’re lying.) So my answer is: This guy has a unique physiology perhaps as a result of his meditation and spiritual abilities/connection that he’s been able to rise above the need for food and water to survive.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you respond to alleged Christian miracles?

At one of my local churches a year or two ago a missionary couple came to speak about their experiences in Africa. They said that they were talking about Jesus Christ and another man had pulled up in a truck proclaiming the message of the Quran. Then, a man who had been blind (had cataracts I believe) started screaming and jumping up and down and could see again. They showed pictures of the man, but I cannot remember if it was before and after shots where you could see his eyes or if it was just him standing there being happy.

It seems stories like this are more prevalent in other countries than the United States, but why? Is it because we have more material possessions and are therefore spiritually weak? Or is it that maybe we don’t believe in miracles as readily as others do? I hear people say all the time that people who are Christians “over there” (not the US, generally speaking of less developed nations) are much better (including spiritual) Christians? Why do people say that?

Answer by ▒Ðan†ès
I’ve heard all that before and my theory is that people from other countries are much less educated, more gullible and quite often less capable of telling the difference between what is real and what is not.

Answer by atrasicarius
Pics or it didnt happen.

Answer by Dave W
One of my favorites is the Miracle of the Sun, which the Virgin Mary performed in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917.

Answer by Michael says:
I ‘lol’ at them personally.

Answer by Adam McDaniel
Knowing the corruption in some of the African states, they probably paid the blind man to act blind and then act like it was a miracle in order to gain new converts.

It’s sad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happened before.

Answer by hummer99
scientific evidence

if there is scientific evidence, then you must say its not natural.


Answer by mom 2-2
Because most americans don’t feel a need for God, they depend on them selves. In poor countries they are not afraid of being made fun of or persecuted for believing for all they have is their faith and God moves by our faith in him.

Without reading your sub-statements, let me put your thoughts to work:

What if we were to look at action and reaction from the other end? Instead of “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, we thought, “Every action came with it a reason why it was a reaction to exist in the first place.”

Now, consider this applying to actions of healing. Just recently, there was some television footage of a being of light purportedly healing a child. The reporter mentioned that more people are believing it. That link is here:


Fact is, there is more than one video, totally unconnected, that shows the same things. I’ll say that the one Japanese video I saw made them look like they’re fromthe “Isle of Misfit Toys”.

Now, considering what I mentioned above, instead of making you guess what I am reflecting on, I will just say it: these ‘miracles’ (if there be more than just that one) are in response to another intended anti-miracle. But where could that have originated? Theoretically, one could say it originated from a dark being. “Light bending” wouldn’t work in this theory because both “entities” have that ability, either inertly or technologically.

Consider, possibly, Area 51 and all the UFOs seen around there. With all that many, the only way there could be hoaxes is by someone manipulating video to show their best artistic rendering of reality. But consider how some of these “light crafts” can disappear suddenly. Fact is, the possibiltity for technological advancement showing itself is high, and on such a level as to be unbelieved.

I know my statement adds a bit of “bah-humbug” to the situation, but consider that these “entities” might work only in situations that invoke the human response of sentiment (like the holidays, for example) and/or sincere need (like in hospitals where people are in need of “miracles”). If anything should arise about televangelists and their “miracles”, drop them like yesterday’s news. Money is their only intent, and they would even send a letter to a homeless guy asking for $ 300. Now they don’t know about it, but then, wouldn’t their god have told them not to send something to someone? (You never hear about those statements, now do you?)

Notice how the “miracles” started working when the parents made moral decisions concerning their child, like life support, and when the “miralce” began when they took off the mask after seeing the video (the skeptic in me wants to reflect on the movie “Mask” with Eric Stoltz). That’s kind of cruel, isn’t it, to condemn oneself in making a “dark” decision in order to (unknowlingly) have a being of “light” work a miracle)? But it was done in love, isn’t that a factor?

The sincere Christians, in their study and seeking of their “god”, have concluded that this is an act of “making oneself available” for healing. Know this, though, that only the most charismatic of Christians preach that. If science parallels medicine, and Christians exist perpendicular to “experimentation” by way of “faith”, then wouldn’t that act of doing be reprehensible to doctors? Not if certain parameters are met, like the decision to remove the oxygen mask by their parents.

But then again, is the media a factor? They have to be, especially because every article I find likens the being to an “angel” (mostly because “angels” are connected with acts of kindness). Six months from now, if you were to ask someone about this occurrence, they would probably say, “That’s the video with the angel in it, right?” Passive, yet agressively advertising religion.

The video is here:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I become really good at YOGA?

A few months ago I started doing very light yoga. I never followed a video or anything, I just did whatever felt right for me. I only do yoga for about 12-17 minutes before I’m finished with all my stretching positions. At the gym today, I watched this girl randomly do yoga in the corner by herself and she was amazing. She was so flexible and so good at concentrating. How can I become really good at yoga like her? My gym doesn’t offer yoga classes and I don’t have time to join a separate class, so I need to learn on my own. Thanks so much for all your advice!

Answer by Dewdropmas
Gaiam TV (http://www.gaiamtv.com/collection/yoga-beginners?chan=PSBrand&utm_source=PSBrandG&utm_medium=cpc&medium=tsa&gclid=CODUha-mgLsCFYdfKgod4UEAAA&gclsrc=ds) is a subscription service available on the internet that offers a wide range of interesting self-improvement and spiritual programming. They have a wide range of videos from various experts guiding the viewer to learning yoga. There is a ten day free trial period, so you can watch as much as you want of all their holdings for that period of time and it won’t cost you anything. If you find one that you particularly like, you can look online for where it may be purchased. If you want to continue having access to the Gaiam TV holdings, then the subscription costs $ 10 per month.

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